Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 10, 2010


The MTC is great. Loving it. I went to the temple today and that was awesome. We actually got to eat some good food there for once in the cafeteria. The food here just gets really old. But it's not too bad. My district is awesome!  And so is my zone. I love them all! We have 5 sisters too. They are really nice. 3 of them are in my district.
Our teachers are so great too, Brother Reis and Brother Olson. They know a lot and reallyyyyy help us. We taught for the first time on...Friday? Maybe.  I think so. And then Elder Mullen and I had our first actual "investigator" on Tuesday. It went really well. His name was George Peterson and we taught to meet his needs. The spirit was strong. Everything that we learn here is based off of  "listening with love" and "teaching to meet needs". That’s basically the most important thing. But yeah the MTC is wonderful. The spirit is always so strong everywhere and I love that. Elder Mullen is a baller. I love him. What else has been going on... I don't know, ha ha. It’s been really fast and I can't really remember things because there is just so much. A lot of class, studying, and teaching. I’ve been kind of exhausted the past two days but nothing too bad. I got a little homesick on Sunday just because we walked up to the temple to take pictures. And when I was walking back I saw a bunch of cars driving by and I thought to myself "I wish someone I knew would drive by." I walked slow to see if Hayley or you would drive by ha ha ha! But then I was over it. Our zone leaders told us to read D&C 100. They told us to do that the first day we got here and it was really good to read. It’s about how our families are being watched over while we're on our missions and how the Lord will provide for us and the Spirit will teach through us. But...anyway. I don't really know what else to say right now, ha ha! I love life!! And the MTC. I miss you both and love you so much!!! I can't wait to get out into the mission field. I’m seriously so stoked! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! I’m excited to share it with people so it can bless their lives. Oh yeah and praying is the best thing ever! Ha ha, love you!

- Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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