Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hey family!

This week went by too fast. I feel like there is never enough time to get the things done that we need to get done haha. Ah. We helped the Orta's with their sweet 16 party on Tuesday and Wednesday. We set up for it with them and it went well. They appreciated the help. (See photos!)

We went to the hospital a lot this week to visit Wanda. She's doing alright. She'll be out next week hopefully. Helen set her date for April 7th. So that will be wonderful. Thursday, Elder Bennett and I both left our area to go on exchanges with two different district leaders. We usually have 2 exchanges a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays. But we just did it in one day this week and left our area. I went to Hunter's Creek West. My olddd area. So fresh. We went to see Sebastian (my recent convert) and it was super good to see him. We also saw a cool family that I love a lot. The Orantes.

Other than that we're just trying to find more people to teach right now. Please pray for us to find the elect :). It would be much appreciated. We talk to way cool people every day but we want to find people who are ready to be baptized. Everything is going really well though. Especially since I won monopoly two times in a row this morning hahaha. It was great. We did zumba this morning again too. And it's a rainy day. The sun needs to come out. But that's it for nowwww! I LOVE YOU!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

Photos, March 28, 2011

The party. Check out those beautiful napkins :)

Our creation.

Elder Bennett, V, and Me

Elders Bennett, Me, Jonson, White

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey Moms and Pops. What's up?

This week was another good one. I can't believe it's Monday again though. I literally feel like I was just barely at this computer emailing you last week. Fast week. On Tuesday I was on an exchange and we sang at the Relief Society birthday party. It was four of us and a guitar. It was pretty cool. We practiced it right before and it actually turned out pretty good. We were wanting to make all the sisters feel special and I think it went well :)

Thursday I spent the day in Poinciana on an exchange and we had some cool experiences teaching some of their investigators. We taught this really cool family of 6 and the mom has a sister who is a member and she's read the BOM before. Pretty cool. God prepares people little by little. Line upon line, precept upon precept. That day we also found out that Wanda (who is a recent convert and lives with Helen, who was supposed to get baptized this last weekend) went to the hospital because of some kidney and heart problems. She has such strong faith though. And she is sharing the gospel with the workers at the hospital. She says "Are you affiliated with the church?" to everyone that walks in hahaha. She's great. So yeah Helen wants Wanda to be there so we're putting it off until she is out.

Donita still won't accept a baptism date. She is so elect though. She doesn't even realize it. We've done all we can but it's just not right right now for some reason. She will definitely get baptized up in New York though. She says she will and we're positive it will happen. I wish she would just do it now though haha she's ready.

Friday was our mission conference with Elder Bednar and let me just tell you...IT WAS SO UNBELIEVABLE. Before he got there we all were setting up to take pictures as zones with Elder Bednar in the cultural hall and it was crazy. Because everyone was talking and then all of a sudden it just went dead silent. No one said shh or anything it just happened. Then like 20 seconds later Elder Bednar walked in the President and Sister Hall and the assistants. No one even knew he was walking in but everyone just went silent. Right when he walked in the building it happened. So crazy. I hope that made sense. Sorry if it was confusing ha. But he told us soooo many awesome things. It was just a huge question/answer type experience for both the missionaries and Elder Bednar. I can't even really explain it but it was sweet. 3 hours. I got to see Elder Mullen too! It was so good to see him. He's doing great. I also got a package from Karolyn Castro (my recent convert in Stuart) while I was there. The Sisters that are serving there now brought it to me. She gave me a bunch of junk food haha. And some wet wipes. Haha she's so funny. I love them.

Then the next day we had ANOTHER meeting with Elder Bednar. It was just him, 18 missionaries, and President and Sister Hall. It was all about leadership and how we can help the mission by creating a sustained improvement based off of spiritual experiences (like the one with Elder Bednar). It was awesome to just sit in a Relief Society room with an Apostle of Jesus Christ. And when he would answer our questions he would just look you straight in the eye and's just so powerful haha. He's legit. And one of the other Elders gave him a tie and asked him if he'd wear it in General Conference hahahaha. It was hilarious. So if he wears a light blue tie you'll know it was from the Florida Orlando Mission hahaha.

Yesterday at church, only Donita came. But it's ok because the Orta's (family of five) have been super busy planning this sweet 16 birthday party for their daughter this Wednesday. But they pinky promised us that they would get really committed after this party. And pinky promises are know. You can't break those.

This morning we did zumba again. It was intense. She works us pretty hard hahaha. It feels great though. Elder Bennett and I decided we want to do it when we get home hahahaha. So that's all. I love you so much. Have a great week!


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Hellooooooo. This week was great. It's so awesome serving with Elder Bennett. It's like working with one of my best friends haha I love it. Our area is sick too. The church is right next to our apartment. And our apartment is called "The Gables" haha I thought that was funny.

Wednesday we went to the Temple for a temple tour with an investigator named Donita. She loved it. We're trying to help her receive baptism before she moves to NY in April. We had a baptism on Thursday too. A lady named May. It was an undercover baptism because she didn't want a lot of people there. But the Spirit was so strong there. It was a good baptism. Friday we went to a mosque because we had taught this lady named Efua and she invited us to it. It was definitely different. Really nice people there though. Saturday I spent the day in Elder Whitworth's new area on an exchange. And it was weird because I had been in that area before on exchanges when I was in Hunter's Creek. Brother Dion took us out to eat at Tommy Bahamas so it was good to see him again.

We have 7 people with a baptism date right now. One family of 5. Then two individuals. We had two people come to church. It was just a really good week. Refreshing. We have a baptism this weekend too with a lady named Helen. It's going to be sweeeeet.

This morning we went to the church and did zumba hahaha. This 51 year old sister does it every week. She is a BEAST! Haha she has a lot of endurance. There were 6 of us missionaries there and 2 other people. It was so fun. Definitely a work out.

Alright now to answer some of your questions: 1. The zone has 10 companionships including us, 3 districts. Our job is pretty much to just make sure the district leaders are happy and inspiring their districts. We really don't do a whole lot haha. It's nice. Being a district leader is a tough job. 2. Pleasant Hill North is in Kissimmee, which is just south of Orlando. 3. I didn't see Elder Mullen because our ride down from Daytona was late. But I'll see him Friday because we are having a mission conference with ELDER BEDNAR! SOOOOOO FRESHHHHHH hahaha I'm so stoked. 4. White wash means when the two missionaries in an area are both taken out and two new ones are put in.

Tell aunt Karen that I am so proud of her! She'll be such a great missionary! Anyway that's about it for now. Love you!
Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

Photos March 14, 2011

May's baptism.

Temple tour with Donita.

Eating tuna, peanut butter, and crushed up Mini Wheats burritos - yum.

Austin's New Area! Pleasant Hills North Zone.

Austin's apartment is right by the church.

Austin's Ward Building

We got a kick out of the fact that Elder Austin Gable Engemann now lives at "The Gables" Apartments!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 7, 2011

What's uppp!

This week was pretty good. We weren't able to do much haha but that's alright. So Saturday morning was transfer calls. It was crazy. I wasn't expecting it at all. Elder Whitworth is getting transferred to Hunter's Creek East. My last ward, but the east side of it. I was in the west. That will be good for him. Then I found out I'm getting transferred also! I'm going down to Pleasant Hill North. I got called to be a zone leader in the Hunter's Creek zone. And guess who I'm serving with.......Elder BENNETT! I'm so stoked! I thought my ears had tricked me when President told me hahaha. I love that guy. It's going to be awesome.

So our area here in Daytona is getting whitewashed. President whitewashed 6 areas this transfer. That's pretty insane. We've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything ready for the two Elders coming here. Looking back I can see how God was preparing our area to be whitewashed. Cool stuff. And Sister Fernandez from my mtc district is going to be in my ward so that will be sick. AND I get to see Elder Mullen tomorrow morning at the mission office. Tomorrow is going to be a good day haha. Oh and Elder Moore got called to be an assistant to the President so our whole apartment is leaving Elder Brown hahaha. And he's only been here for one transfer so he's stressing because he doesn't know the area that well and stuff. It's pretty funny haha. He'll be fine.

Not much happened this week so I don't really have much to tell you. I'm sorry. Next week will be better. But I'm excited to pick things back up and get out and work. It will be grrrreat. This transfer has definitely been my most challenging one but I learned a ton from it. "Sometimes the Lord brings us low before He can lift us higher." I know that's true. I love you! Have a great week.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 28, 20011

Hey! ELDER MULLEN IS COMING BACK OUT! YES! I literally jumped when you said that and yelled haha. I'm so excited to see him. It would be so sick to serve with him.

So Elder Whitworth is leaving next week and I'll be staying. Unless President takes us both out. I don't think that will happen...but who knows. But yeah Elder Whity needs to be close to Orlando. This last week we went to the hospital in Orlando and he got his infusion. So that was great. Finally. All that stuff was so complicated. But he'll be going there every 4 weeks. Everything worked out. Yeahhhh. The Lord is blessing him.

We gave the car back to the Sisters last thursday so we weren't able to do much work through the weekend. We had the car for 3 straight weeks and the Sisters never complained. They are so Christ-like. Elder Whity and I ordered them flowers in this cool bright yellow smiley face vase and had it delivered to their apartment to thank them. Yeah...dubEE is still smooth even though he's been off the scene for a year. Kidding...hahaha.

So no one came to church...AGAIN! Man we're struggling with that. We didn't have one investigator come to church all of February. We're trying to help Vernita get more into it and become committed. We really just need to find the elect. Quickly too. Or they need to find us. Either way. But I want to baptize. And I know that's what I'm here to do. And I know that that's what the Lord expects me to do. So I'm trying haha. But at this point we're trying to help the members become more involved in missionary work by committing them to share the gospel with their friends/acquaintances and eventually have them over so we can teach non-members in their home. It's a long and slow process but it's moving. That's about it for now. Love you! Have a blessed week.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh