Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011


This week was awesome. MIRACLES. All over. Alright we'll go day by day:

So last Saturday: After getting some much needed sleep during p day, we went out and taught a member. Thennn after that we went to the bus stop and talked to people. I had just finished talking to someone that left to get on the bus. I was sitting there waiting for more people to come because sometimes, between buses, there isn't anyone there for about 30 seconds (very rare, but sometimes). So I was sitting and out on the sidewalk I see this girl walking by. So she looked over and I just waved, being nice. I wasn't planning on walking over to talk to her because she was on her way and I was just waiting for more people to come sit and wait for the bus. When she looked over and saw me wave she hesitated for a split second while she waved because, I assume, she thought I might have been someone that she knew. But she just kept walking. Right after that the Spirit decked me in the face and told me to go talk to her. It was the strongest impression I've had to do something on the mission. Honestly I've never felt the Spirit that quick and strong tell me to do something. It was sweet. Anyway, so I jump right up, walk out to the sidewalk, and start skipping over to her trying to catch up. Literally skipping haha. I started talking to her and she tells me her name is Elizabeth. So blah blah blah I get to the point and ask her what she is doing that night. Blah blah blah again and we end up going over to her apartment and teaching her out on her porch. She was just so willing to have us over and stuff it was cool. But we committed her to be baptized on August 13th and she was just stoked. So excited. She is awesome.

And then right after that, we were walking back to the car and we ran into this girl named Alex. She told us she is from Las Vegas so that brought up good conversation about us being state neighbors and stuff. And Elder Gregson and her know the same person (some member that went to BYU and is from Vegas) so that was crazy. But we talked to her for a while and she is way cool. But we committed her to come to church the next day. So that was Saturday.

Now Sunday: Morning Church comes around and Alex comes and just loves it! She made a lot of friends and stuff too. The YSA ward is legit. In Sacrament meeting I got to pass the Sacrament which I haven't done forever so that was cool. And this month's theme is missionary work so at the end they invited me to come up and bear my testimony. It was awesome. So yeah morning Church was sweet. Oh I also met this girl that knows Bud and some of my other friends from Salt Lake like Tessa Barton and Jenny Jones (I don't know if you remember them but it was cool). So then Elizabeth comes to night Church and loves it too. After Sacrament she came up to us and said "Can I move my baptism up to the 11th so my new friends can be there?" (a lot of the CP's are leaving on August 12th) and we were like " Pshhh OF COURSE!" Ha we didn't say that but that's what we were thinking. So yeah Elizabeth is getting baptized on the 11th.

Now Monday: We go in the morning to the bus stop to make some friends and one of the workers at the security place came and pulled us aside and said that some people had complained. He said he really didn't see a problem with us because he had seen us there before and we didn't bug anyone. So he was really cool about it. It was actually a blessing because he said that if it happens again and they go to the right people we can get kicked off all the CP apartments for good. So he helped us out. But we can't go to the bus stop anymore so it's kind of a bummer. But I know the Lord has a perfect plan for what's going to happen. We are now shifting all our focus to member work because that's all we can do haha. But we have been teaching a ton of members and role playing with them. They love it. It's cool. They are figuring out ways that they can talk to their friends about the Gospel.

Tuesday: I went on an exchange with the Hunter's Creek Zone Leaders aka Elder Bennett and Elder Call. Elder Call and I worked their area and I got to see some of the people that I was teaching before I left. Including Liz and Keisha! And guess what...they are getting baptized tonight! Keisha asked me to baptize her so we'll be heading over there in about an hour. I'm stoked. They are great. Meanwhile Elder Gregson and Elder Bennett set a date with Alex in our area for August 20th. Sweeeeeet.

Wednesday: Office work...

Thursday: Exchange in Cocoa with the ZL's there.

Friday: Went on a Temple tour with Elizabeth and a cool member named Jennifer that brought her. They got there at 8:15 though. And the tour starts at 7 and ends at 8 haha. Complications. So we just gave her a tour ourselves. It was cool. We taught her a simplified version of the Plan of Salvation on the steps of the Temple. It was stimp.

Today: This morning we went to the Church to clean it. And the ward adopted the road out in front of the Church building so we went up and down it and picked up the trash. Then at 11:30 the Sisters in our ward had a baptism. Then we just got done teaching Alex. She is soooo ready to be baptized. We love her. She will be a strong member. So there is an in-depth look at my week. Hope you enjoyed it. I LOVE YOU! Have a great week :)

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 23, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad!

I love you! So this week went well. And too fast.

We had a Leadership Training on Wednesday and Thursday with 105 missionaries. It was HUGE. So many people. But it was great. The room was filled with revelation about where the mission needs to go. We did a ton of role plays (which is now called "practicing revelation in teaching" because President doesn't like the word "play" haha). Most of the focus for all the trainings were on role plays because when we role play we receive revelation for our investigators. It was an amazing two days.

We are teaching quite a few people right now. We should have some baptisms coming up. Please pray that we can "find them that will receive [us]". I really want to baptize. I've never wanted to help people receive baptism more in my life. I want to find all the people that I'm supposed to with the time that I have left. I've come to realize that time is such a precious gift from God. Especially on the mission.

Guess what I found out the other week! I forgot to tell you...I think. Donita got baptized!!! Hopefully you remember her. Elder Bennett and I worked with her and then she moved up to NY but promised that she would find the church and get baptized. She sent me a card and her baptism program with a picture of her and the missionaries on it. This is what she wrote on the card: "You and Elder Bennett mean more than anything in this world. You are both like my sons. I hold you both in my heart dearly. You're both the best thing in my life. Thanks for everything. Will always remember you. Hope to see you someday again. Thanks for everything. Love you. Take care." How cool is that!? It made me cry. I love her and am so happy for her. Elder Bennett and I talked to her on the phone actually right after she got baptized in the end of June. She sounded so happy.

Alright so I know that I keep telling you that I'm going to send my memory card home and I never do it. But I'm pharrell going to do it today. I'm also sending home a package with some stuff that I don't need in it. I'll actually just put the memory card in the package on the very top so when you get it just go ahead and open it and grab the card. I know you're dying to have it haha. Other than that...all is well. Elder Gregson is the man. I love him. And life is awesome. I hope you both have the best week ever!

Stay fresh. I love you 2 much + 10 x 131 - 1 / <3 x infinity.

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 16, 2011

Chellooo. I'm glad to hear that you are both having a good time on your trips. Hopefully you are taking advantage of the missionary opportunities that come from being outside of Utah ;) You should pray for some! That would be great.

I got your package this week! Thank you so much. Everyone loved the taffy haha. And those ties are really cool. And the Ensign. Thank you!

 So this week was crazy. Monday we went to pick up the incoming missionaries at the airport. We took the truck and the mission van. 18 missionaries came this transfer! So many. We had to stack their suitcases in the bed of the truck really high and then strap them down. Then we went to the mission home and ate dinner, had a testimony meeting, and all chilled together while President interviewed them all. Tuesday we took all the new missionaries to meet their trainers at the chapel. Then we ran around and did some errands. Then ate lunch at the mission home with all the departing missionaries, went to the Temple for an endowment session, ate dinner, had a testimony meeting, and went home. It was really weird being with all the departing missionaries. The testimony meeting was heavy. I was sitting there thinking "I don't ever want to do this" hahaha. It's depressing kind of. But good too. Just a ton of mixed emotions for everyone. And Elder Gregson and I had to sit and watch them suffer haha. They bore some powerful testimonies though.

Wednesday we went to the mission home again, had a little sing-along pow wow, and took everyone to the airport to fly home. Some of my really good friends went home so it was weird. That night we taught a girl named Bianca that got baptized last Sunday but is getting confirmed tomorrow. Her friend Chloe was there and we had the chance to talk a lot with them. Chloe doesn't believe in God but we could see that there was something stirring in her as we talked and testified of Christ. We are going to teach her again soon. Then later that same night we went to the Bishop's house and talked with him and his wife for a while. Bishop and Sister Mills. It was really cool because we found out that they used to live right by us about 20 years ago. They lived in the McGuire's neighborhood. They knew them and also the Jackson family. Small world. Sister Mills was way excited about it and gave me a high five hahaha.

Thursday we went up to Eustis on an exchange with the Leesburg Zone Leaders and stayed the night up there. It was a good time.

Friday we drove home from Eustis and helped President out at the office with some paperwork stuff on Excel and figured out some stuff for Leadership Training next week. Then we went and taught this girl named Drew. She has met with missionaries in the past where she is from and knows a TON about the church and has read the Book of Mormon. She doesn't believe in Christ but believes that the church is a great thing and that it's all true for us. She has some interesting "theories" (that's what she called them). It was kind of confusing. But she is really really nice. We committed her to pray out loud every morning and every night to "our" God. Little does she know that our God is her God too ;) haha. It was a big step for her though. I'm excited to see how her praying went. Then we went to this bus stop for all the CPs (college program) and contacted people. It was SO fun. It's amazing how much more of a love you have for missionary work when you can't do it as much haha. And it's great to talk to people around my age because I can really relate to them. The way it works is we cover 4 apartment complexes. They are all strictly for the CPs. They are guarded heavily and the only way you get in is if someone calls the office and signs you in. Then they take your ID and sign you in haha. It's intense. But basically the only way we have to find people on our own in at the bus stop. Other than that it's all through our members. The CPs usually come here and stay for 3, 6, or 12 months. So our ward changes often. It's good stuff though.

To answer some of your questions: 1. I live right across the street from my old apartment in Hunter's Creek. 2. For packages and stuff it would be better and faster actually for you to still just send them to the office. Because I'm here more than I am at our apartment haha. It's crazy. 3. I could possibly finish out my mission as AP or could go back. It all just depends. 4. I've just been wrecked all week because of all the running around doing stuff haha. So tired that I got a little sick. Sore throat and runny/stuffy nose. I'm alright though. It's starting to go away. Our main responsibility is the make President Hall look good. Hahaha that's what he always tells us. Funny. But pharrell we work with the zone leaders and try to help them. And we do a lot with putting together and organizing zone conferences and stuff like that. 5. We will still be teaching and baptizing...just not as much proselyting.

So...that's my week. This email is so long so I hope you're happy hahaha. LOVE YOU!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 - Austin is the New Assistant to the President!

So this last week of the transfer was good. Elder Bennett and I saw some cool miracles. On Friday we got the Lots and Anissa (p.s. Anissa says she is going to go on a mission! So fresh) all up to a Temple tour and it went well. Right when we pulled up, I looked out the car and saw...ELDER SUMMERS aka Braunson. It was crazy. I was stuck in the car waiting for other people to get out and in my mind I just thinking "HURRY UP!" hahaha. It was so cool. Elder Bennett, I, and he lived together over a year ago and it was a big reunion. Took pictures. I forgot my camera today so no pictures...sorry. But next week I'll send them to you. And I'll send my memory card soon too. But yeah his mom and sister were there too and his mom gave me a hug and said it was from you haha. It was great. And Elder Mullen was there too so I got to talk to him. And Elder Fullmer. It was just an awesome Temple tour haha.
And Saturday was unreal. In the afternoon we were walking in an apartment complex and we ran into this girl named Natasha. We started walking with her and eventually sat down at a table outside. We taught her about the restoration and she was very thankful for us. We found out at the end of the lesson that she lives with another one of our investigators named Sip. So they both came to the YSA branch in Hunter's Creek on Sunday! It was great. But back to Saturday. Later that night, right before we were about to head towards home, we were prompted to go see this referral that we had received from other missionaries a long time ago that we had never been able to contact. We go to the house and his brother-in law, George, answers. We ask if we can come in and teach him and he agrees. We taught him about the Atonement and Baptism. He committed to come to church. It worked out perfectly because he lives 5 doors down from some solid members. They gave him a ride on Sunday and he enjoyed church. Miracles! Last minute ones too.
So...transfers...on Thursday at Zone Leader Council, President pulled me aside and told me that he was transferring me. I got a new assignment too. I'm going to be the Assistant to the President. Haha so yeah it will be pretty cool. Elder Gregson is my new companion. I used to serve around him a year ago when I was in Hunter's Creek so we became good friends. I'm stoked to be with him. But I'm so thankful for the work that I was able to do in Kissimmee with Elder Bennett. We did a lot of good things together. It was the funnest 3 transfers of my far.
So Mom you told me that "Monday's are [your] favorite day of the week since [I] left on [my] mission." But you're going to have to change that day to Saturdays hahaha. That will probably be a weird change for you both but that's my new p day. We cover the Young Single Adults ward for the College Program students at Disney World. We have church in the morning and then another Sacrament meeting at night for the people who work during the first Sacrament. So I went to church last night with Elders Gregson, Moore, and Rydalch. It was pretty cool. It's nice hanging around people my age at church haha. They are all really cool too. But I'm stoked to be around President Hall. I have a ton of respect for him and I feel like I will just learn a ton from him haha. He's way spiritual. So yeah it will be great! I hope you both are doing awesome! I'm sorry about your foot mom. Hopefully you received a blessing. And if not...GET ONE! Ha I love you both SO much! Talk to you on Saturday ;)

Elder Austin Gable Engemann
p.s. In answer to your question: Elder Bennett goes home in December.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 5, 2011


So Anissa got baptized on Saturday! It was great. There were more non-members/investigators there than there were members. And Anissa was SO happy. She is so cool and funny. The water heater wasn't working when we were filling it up so it was pretty cold. And she was making funny noises behind the baptismal font doors because it was hard for her to get in. Everyone was laughing. It was a good time haha. Things were a little hectic before the baptism though because we realized that we didn't have her mom's signature on the baptism record. We had to go all over the place to find Anissa cause she doesn't have phone and her mom was at work. We finally found her and asked if she could go to her mom's work and have her sign something to give permission. It was stressful haha but everything ended up great!

Then on Sunday Danny, Tilly, and Chance came to Sacrament! That was cool. It was so good to see them. I was just so filled with love seeing my family members. It was pretty different haha. I'm excited to see you both one day. I will probably cry like a baby. But they were only able to stay for a little bit after Sacrament so we couldn't go out and work together. But it was just really cool. And in Sacrament I had the opportunity to confirm Anissa so that was great.

The Lot family didn't come to church again. We went by 40 minutes before church started to make sure they were awake. They said they'd be at church but something came up. This week though!

So transfers are next Tuesday. Elder Bennett will most likely leave. He's one of my best friends so I'm kinda of bummed. But change is good too. Mom if you want to send me something you can just send it to the mission office because I'm here at least once a week. Oh and that suit is stimp huh! Ha I got it at Macy's in Daytona. It was on sale and I pretty much started drooling so I just bought it haha. Impulse buy. No regrets. But things are great. I hope you have a wonderful week! LOVE YOU!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann