Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 - Austin is the New Assistant to the President!

So this last week of the transfer was good. Elder Bennett and I saw some cool miracles. On Friday we got the Lots and Anissa (p.s. Anissa says she is going to go on a mission! So fresh) all up to a Temple tour and it went well. Right when we pulled up, I looked out the car and saw...ELDER SUMMERS aka Braunson. It was crazy. I was stuck in the car waiting for other people to get out and in my mind I just thinking "HURRY UP!" hahaha. It was so cool. Elder Bennett, I, and he lived together over a year ago and it was a big reunion. Took pictures. I forgot my camera today so no pictures...sorry. But next week I'll send them to you. And I'll send my memory card soon too. But yeah his mom and sister were there too and his mom gave me a hug and said it was from you haha. It was great. And Elder Mullen was there too so I got to talk to him. And Elder Fullmer. It was just an awesome Temple tour haha.
And Saturday was unreal. In the afternoon we were walking in an apartment complex and we ran into this girl named Natasha. We started walking with her and eventually sat down at a table outside. We taught her about the restoration and she was very thankful for us. We found out at the end of the lesson that she lives with another one of our investigators named Sip. So they both came to the YSA branch in Hunter's Creek on Sunday! It was great. But back to Saturday. Later that night, right before we were about to head towards home, we were prompted to go see this referral that we had received from other missionaries a long time ago that we had never been able to contact. We go to the house and his brother-in law, George, answers. We ask if we can come in and teach him and he agrees. We taught him about the Atonement and Baptism. He committed to come to church. It worked out perfectly because he lives 5 doors down from some solid members. They gave him a ride on Sunday and he enjoyed church. Miracles! Last minute ones too.
So...transfers...on Thursday at Zone Leader Council, President pulled me aside and told me that he was transferring me. I got a new assignment too. I'm going to be the Assistant to the President. Haha so yeah it will be pretty cool. Elder Gregson is my new companion. I used to serve around him a year ago when I was in Hunter's Creek so we became good friends. I'm stoked to be with him. But I'm so thankful for the work that I was able to do in Kissimmee with Elder Bennett. We did a lot of good things together. It was the funnest 3 transfers of my far.
So Mom you told me that "Monday's are [your] favorite day of the week since [I] left on [my] mission." But you're going to have to change that day to Saturdays hahaha. That will probably be a weird change for you both but that's my new p day. We cover the Young Single Adults ward for the College Program students at Disney World. We have church in the morning and then another Sacrament meeting at night for the people who work during the first Sacrament. So I went to church last night with Elders Gregson, Moore, and Rydalch. It was pretty cool. It's nice hanging around people my age at church haha. They are all really cool too. But I'm stoked to be around President Hall. I have a ton of respect for him and I feel like I will just learn a ton from him haha. He's way spiritual. So yeah it will be great! I hope you both are doing awesome! I'm sorry about your foot mom. Hopefully you received a blessing. And if not...GET ONE! Ha I love you both SO much! Talk to you on Saturday ;)

Elder Austin Gable Engemann
p.s. In answer to your question: Elder Bennett goes home in December.

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