Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 5, 2011


So Anissa got baptized on Saturday! It was great. There were more non-members/investigators there than there were members. And Anissa was SO happy. She is so cool and funny. The water heater wasn't working when we were filling it up so it was pretty cold. And she was making funny noises behind the baptismal font doors because it was hard for her to get in. Everyone was laughing. It was a good time haha. Things were a little hectic before the baptism though because we realized that we didn't have her mom's signature on the baptism record. We had to go all over the place to find Anissa cause she doesn't have phone and her mom was at work. We finally found her and asked if she could go to her mom's work and have her sign something to give permission. It was stressful haha but everything ended up great!

Then on Sunday Danny, Tilly, and Chance came to Sacrament! That was cool. It was so good to see them. I was just so filled with love seeing my family members. It was pretty different haha. I'm excited to see you both one day. I will probably cry like a baby. But they were only able to stay for a little bit after Sacrament so we couldn't go out and work together. But it was just really cool. And in Sacrament I had the opportunity to confirm Anissa so that was great.

The Lot family didn't come to church again. We went by 40 minutes before church started to make sure they were awake. They said they'd be at church but something came up. This week though!

So transfers are next Tuesday. Elder Bennett will most likely leave. He's one of my best friends so I'm kinda of bummed. But change is good too. Mom if you want to send me something you can just send it to the mission office because I'm here at least once a week. Oh and that suit is stimp huh! Ha I got it at Macy's in Daytona. It was on sale and I pretty much started drooling so I just bought it haha. Impulse buy. No regrets. But things are great. I hope you have a wonderful week! LOVE YOU!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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