Monday, July 25, 2011

July 23, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad!

I love you! So this week went well. And too fast.

We had a Leadership Training on Wednesday and Thursday with 105 missionaries. It was HUGE. So many people. But it was great. The room was filled with revelation about where the mission needs to go. We did a ton of role plays (which is now called "practicing revelation in teaching" because President doesn't like the word "play" haha). Most of the focus for all the trainings were on role plays because when we role play we receive revelation for our investigators. It was an amazing two days.

We are teaching quite a few people right now. We should have some baptisms coming up. Please pray that we can "find them that will receive [us]". I really want to baptize. I've never wanted to help people receive baptism more in my life. I want to find all the people that I'm supposed to with the time that I have left. I've come to realize that time is such a precious gift from God. Especially on the mission.

Guess what I found out the other week! I forgot to tell you...I think. Donita got baptized!!! Hopefully you remember her. Elder Bennett and I worked with her and then she moved up to NY but promised that she would find the church and get baptized. She sent me a card and her baptism program with a picture of her and the missionaries on it. This is what she wrote on the card: "You and Elder Bennett mean more than anything in this world. You are both like my sons. I hold you both in my heart dearly. You're both the best thing in my life. Thanks for everything. Will always remember you. Hope to see you someday again. Thanks for everything. Love you. Take care." How cool is that!? It made me cry. I love her and am so happy for her. Elder Bennett and I talked to her on the phone actually right after she got baptized in the end of June. She sounded so happy.

Alright so I know that I keep telling you that I'm going to send my memory card home and I never do it. But I'm pharrell going to do it today. I'm also sending home a package with some stuff that I don't need in it. I'll actually just put the memory card in the package on the very top so when you get it just go ahead and open it and grab the card. I know you're dying to have it haha. Other than that...all is well. Elder Gregson is the man. I love him. And life is awesome. I hope you both have the best week ever!

Stay fresh. I love you 2 much + 10 x 131 - 1 / <3 x infinity.

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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