Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

I’m honestly shocked every week at the crazy things the two of you do hahaha. Next thing I know you're going to be ice climbing, base jumping, and deep sea diving. Keep it up though, you guys are awesome! To answer your question about transfers Dad, transfers are only every 6 weeks. And I could very well be transferred on November 2nd when the next transfer starts. I don't know though. I can't believe Halloween is this transfer! Elder Fullmer and I will probably dress up as each other and exchange tags. We’re funny...I know. Cool you saw the missionaries at the Thai restaurant. I bet they were very thankful for your contribution. Oh and thanks for sending the package. I haven't checked if it's here yet but I’m sure it is. So thank you!

Alright so first of all...thank you so much for the prayers. It’s paid off! I’m not going to lie...things with the work have been super hard since Elder Fullmer and I were first made companions. Besides Sebastian (who we are sooo thankful for) no one else has been taking the message seriously and we weren't really teaching anyone solid. BUT!...yesterday things changed. Let me just say I love fasting and prayer. We got a way solid member referral for this 16 year old girl who is friends with the elder's quorum president's daughter. She has been coming to church for the past few weeks and wants to get baptizedddddd! So fresh. She lives with her aunt and uncle and needed to get permission from her mom to get baptized. So Brother Netane (elder’s quorum pres.) called us last night and said she got the ok from her mom, that he set up an appointment with her for Wednesday at 3, and that her uncle and aunt are going to sit in on the lessons too. Ah it's the best! And then last night...the last door we knocked on in this apartment complex we found this awesome family! Father, mother, three kids ages 12, 7, and baby. They love us! And they are stoked to read the BOM and pray. I’m so excited. They’re sweet. Things are looking up. Oh and we are teaching this other Haitian family. Father, mother, 2 kids ages 8 and 5. We’ve only met with the dad, Steven, so far though. He was supposed to come to church but didn't...lame. But he's really solid. He wants to get baptized and knows he needs to. He’s been taught in the past by Creole speaking missionaries. He said he knows the BOM is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. Soooo SICK! Yes! Ha-ha the Lord is blessing us so much right now. Yesterday was awesome. We also tracted into 3 less-active people in the same neighborhood this last week. We are in the process of requesting their records and hopefully will teach their families soon. We’ve been working really hard lately and the Lord is blessing us now! It’s a proven fact. Endurance. Patience. The Lord will do His part.

So this weekend is General Conference! I’m ready to feast. I love it. Be prepared to seek learning by faith as you watch! I would encourage you to take notes on the answers you receive to questions you might have and write down all that you are prompted to. I’ve really realized lately that we NEED to write down our insights from the Spirit. He is the testifier and teacher of all truth. So why not write down what he tells you. Ha I’m so excited for conference.

But anyway I love you both! And hope you have an awesome week! Stay fresh and be blessed!


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

Photos, September 27, 2010

Little lizard

Bye bye Elder Beckstead

Bye bye Elder Christensen

Happy elephant appreciation day!

Me an Ron Ron

This place is huge!

Getting comfy with Ron Ron

Ron Ron sustaining with me

Gourmet McDonalds

Me and Lego Woody

Chillin with the lego family

Oh nooo! the Lego Loch Ness Monster!

We ran into like 15 members (literally) from all over. and we were like celebrities. This was one of the pictures they took of us.


In deep contemplation with my new friend

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

Hellooooo. Thank you for the prayers :) things have been picking up a little bit. Everything sounds good back home. Good to hear. Today is the last day of the transfer. Elder Christensen is going home on Wednesday. So now it will be elders Fullmer, me, Rydalch and Brown.

Cool story #1:

So Wednesday we were supposed to meet Sister Mamea at Cici's pizza. It’s an all you can eat pizza place. So we get there a little early and sit down. The worker comes up to us and asks if we have been there before and know how it works. We said we did and were just waiting for someone else. So he gave us water cups and we went to fill them up. I filled up first and sat down. Then I look over as Elder Fullmer is walking back and the worker gives him two drink cups and says something to him. I thought the guy was just being cool and giving us free drinks. So Elder Fullmer gets back and sits down and tells me that the worker said our food and drinks were paid for. I was confused. I didn't know if Sister Mamea had called and bought our food or what. Then this guy comes up to us and tells us that he bought our food. He said he was a member from Missouri and had been in Orlando since July on business but he was leaving the next day. He said when he was back home it had been a while since he had the missionaries over so he wanted to pay for our food. We were very thankful and talked to him and his wife for a while. So we sit back down eventually with our food and I was starting to feel bad because Sister Mamea was supposed to come and eat with us ha-ha. At this point she's about 15 minutes late though. So I go outside and call her and she answers the phone with the words "oh shoot!" ha-ha. So I figured that she had forgotten. She told us she had and she was really sorry. She forgot she had work and she forgot to tell us ha-ha. How cool is that!? The Lord provided food for us! Honestly though, what are the chances of that happening? Like 0% chance I think. I love little things like that.

Cool story #2:

So we wanted to go see Brad and Jennifer since we hadn't seen them forever and they don't answer the phone or call back. So we were biking home on Friday and decided to drop by their apartment. We were going to go in the main entrance but had a feeling to go to the back entrance. So we bike over to the back and as we are riding we see Brad. So we stop and talked to him. He had just finished running. That’s something small but it's cool. The Lord directed us :) anyway they called us on Saturday night and said they wanted to come to church. Freaking cool. So they came and it was really good. I think they enjoyed it and the Rich family in our ward wants to have them over for dinner. It should be good.

Cool story #3:

So Dad I read your email. And the part where you were telling me about Nancy Austen. It was pretty funny. Because you said they she had friends in the mission, married, and serving in the employment center. That's where I am right now as I’m emailing you hahaha. It’s where I email every Monday. And Elder and Sister Swain (the married couple serving in the employment center) are 20 feet away from me. Ha-ha small worlddddd. I just talked to Sister Swain about Nancy Austen and they've been friends forever. Pretty funny. She wanted me to tell you "thanks for making the connection."

So those are my cool stories for this week.

LOVE YOU! pretty colors :)


Elder Austin Gable Engemenn aka dubEE fresh

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 13, 2010

Yo family. Mom I’m impressed. You walk everywhere! You’re crazyyy. I just realized I haven't seen recent pictures of you for almost 8 months.'re always on my back about pictures so you're about to find out what karma means: send me pictures! How does it feel? Hahaha. But pharrell send me a picture of you guys in your next package to me. Speaking of your next package, could you do me a favor? Call Dave Osmond and ask him if he can hook me up with his new album "Road Less Traveled". I haven't heard it yet but I’m sure it's really good. Tell him I listen to his stuff all the time on the mission and I love it. But if he can't get you one then can you buy it? Ha I need more music. I’m burning some CDs today actually. Oh also dad, what's going on with the Xocai protein? Am I going to get to try it or what?

Man...I’m sorry to hear about all these deaths. Tell Linda and Kristine that I love them. And do me a favor please. Right when you get this email call Hayley and tell her that I’m sorry about Grandpa. Tell her I love her and wish I could give her a HUGE hug right this second. Tell her that I send a hug from Florida :) also tell her to give her dad a hug for me. I miss that girl...

So this week sucked, for the lack of a better word hahaha. We contacted 207 people and only taught 14 of them. We taught a guy named Hung that we have been teaching for the past few weeks on Saturday. He was the only set appointment that we had all week. Every time we have taught him he has lied to us about reading the BOM haha. It’s pretty ridiculous. He wasn't willing to keep commitments or come to church so we dropped him. That same day we went to go see a potential named Barbara who was way nice when we first met her. We contacted her while she was walking her dog one night and she seemed really interested so we gave her a BOM and set a return appointment. When we got to her house she freaked out at us and was way rude haha. It was so weird. She might have some problems, I don't know. Then we went to go see some referrals that we got from the Spanish elders. The first one we went to the wife answered and said she had a lot of LDS family but that we were basically going to hell and all this other stuff. Then the next one's daughter answered the door and said that literally right before we got there she had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. Then right after that there was this insane cloud thing in the sky. It looked like it was from the movie independence day or something haha. Then on the other end of the sky there was this crazy looking triangle thing shooting into the distance (I can't explain it ha) but Saturday was just a really strange day.

But on the bright side of Saturday, we went to the temple! Loved that. We actually got to do sealings after too. Missionaries are only allowed to be children or witnesses so we did that. And then Sunday...ugh. Got to church, had our meeting, then I called Raldy. She said she wasn't going to be able to make it to church. I talked to her forever and gave her the drop talk (meaning I was letting her know that if she wasn't going to take it seriously we wouldn't be able to meet with her anymore). But I did it really nicely and stufffffff. I eventually let her know that if she wasn't going to come to church we couldn't do anything for her. So as of right now she's dropped. Hopefully she'll come around and give us a call when she's ready. Please pray for her. So after that I was just depressed. I never knew I could care so much about other people's happiness. It was a huge eye opener. Because I love her and her family they are so cool but they won't come to church!!! Ah! Haha but it's ok. Then this other really cool family from Jamaica randomly walked into church last week while they were looking for churches to go to was supposed to come to church yesterday too. I talked to them on Saturday night and they said they would be there. Come Sunday...nowhere to be found ha. Then Sebastian didn't even come to church because he was "tired" and he said his mom already went to her other church. Man it was just a way bummer day. But this week will be better! I know it. The Lord is definitely testing us though haha. I’m grateful for the trials though because they make the good times so much gooder!!! Right!? Right! :) So we have ZERO investigators right now. Please pray for us to find solid people to teach. We need help. Thanks :)

So that was my week. I’m glad that everything is going so well for you guys! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun and staying busy. I love you so much! Talk to you next week. Have a blessed week.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

Photos, September 13, 2010

Doing service at the Bishop's Warehouse.

The nice workers fed us.

Little toad.

Shoulder toad.

District Meeting: Elders Fullmer, Wilks, Beckstead, Schow, Me; Sisters Higginson, Schow, Snyder, Ellsworth

At the mission office.

Me being Sister James in the mission office.

Elder Fullmer and me at the templo.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September, 7, 2010

Heyyy I loved your emails. It sounds like things are awesome. Mom...30 lbs!!!!!! That’s SO great! I’m happy for you. Keep it up :). Just so you know though I don't go to an internet cafe to email you. I go to the mission office because it's really close to our apartment. The reason I didn't email yesterday is because we needed to labor on Labor Day. Everyone was home so it was a good day. Elder Fullmer and I just tracted allllll day. Got soaked with sweat in the afternoon. Got soaked with rain at night. So yeah president switched our P-day to today. And just to let you know . . . you don't need to keep telling me to send pictures!!! Come onnn! Ha-ha. Every time I have new pictures I send them to you. So stop worrying about that (Dad) ha. And send my facebook peeps my love. Tell Elder Miller (well I guess he's not Elder Ryan Miller) that I love my foster father ha-ha.

This week was...good? I think. I don't really remember ha-ha. But some good things were that we set a date with Raldy and her daughter Shauntell for October 2nd and committed them to come to church because we've been working with them for almost 3 months and they've never come to church. But...they didn't come. So we might need to drop them. Because if they won't take the initiative to come to church...we can't do anything to help them. She’s so cool and knowsss it's true. Ugh. We’ll see what happens.

Sebastian’s baptism was awesome! He loved it so much. He was so excited. When we walked into the bathroom to change after I gave him a hug and he just held on so tight for a long time. It was the best! Ha-ha he said he felt like crying and he thanked me for everything. I didn't need thanking but it was cool of him. He’s the man. His mom loved it too and she's going to start coming back to church now. She came for his confirmation on Sunday and stayed the whole 3 hours and had a totally different experience than she had the first time she came. So I’m so happy about that. Now we just need to work with the dad and get him converted! It’ll be a challenge.

So Elder Fullmer is obsessed with catching lizards. Every time he sees one he gets all excited and serious at the same time. It’s hilarious hahaha. When I went on exchanges this last week, he was with Elder Wilks teaching Sebastian and they went out after and Sebastian and he caught 11 lizards. Hahaha so much for using time effectively. It’s so funny though. He’s like a cartoon character.

What else...nothing really. I love you both though. Have a grrrrrrrrreat week! (Tony the tiger) stay fuhresh.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

Photos, September 7, 2010

Zone Development Meeting 

Elder Engemann, Sebastian, Dinorah, Elder Fullmer

Trying to see who's taller. He cheated. He's only 12 though! So crazy.

This is Florida.

Just taking a nice shower.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 30, 2010

What it is family! Wow those were some great emails from the both of you. It sounds like things are going awesome. I looked at some pictures of Utah the other day and it makes me miss the mountains SO much ha-ha. It’s so flat here. The closest thing we have to a mountain here is the J.W. Marriott. Mom: keeping working hard. You’re awesome!

Max got his mission call. I’m so stoked for him! Freaking SPAIN! That’s so sickkk. Ahhh. Right when you get this email, call him and tell him I love him and miss him and that I say congratulations!

So that would be cool to meet your friend Kelley McCoy but the only way that will happen is if I serve in Winter Park. What ever happened with your friends that live down in Jensen Beach? The ones that I went to go see. How are they doing? Tell Aunt Wendy and Lindsey and Jake that I love them so much!

So we had a good week. We got to know some more of the members in the ward by visiting them and stuffffff. We HAVE to involve the members more in the work. If we don't, the work won't progress as much as it could. It’s hard to get members excited about missionary work though. On Thursday we had a zone conference all about member work because that's the thing that our mission struggles with the most. It was a way good zone conference too. The rest of the week was a little slow but it's alright. We have a baptism this Saturday! So that's amazing. I feel so blessed to work with such cool people. Sebastian asked me to perform the ordinance so I’ll be doing that at 6 pm on Saturday. And Elder Fullmer will be the voice when God gives him the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. So fresh!

Here's a really cool story that I forgot to tell you about a while ago: so a long time ago Elder Berhold and I were getting lunch at this place called firehouse subs (which is sooo good) and it's across the street from out apartment. So when we were walking back we saw a van on the side of the road. We decided that we should go see if they needed any help. And Elder Berhold is like a master car mechanic. So we went over and had them roll down their window and we asked if they needed help. There was a mom in the driver's seat and her son in the passenger seat. The son's mouth was just dropped (I’ll explain why later) so the mom said she needed help and got out. She had a flat tire and long story short we tried to get the bolts off the rims but they would NOT budge. At all. And Elder Berhold actually broke her tool hahaha. But anyway after apologizing that we couldn't really help we gave her a card and she said she'd call us. Now fast forward 4 weeks. Elder Christensen and Rydalch pick us up from somewhere in the truck and we start talking. They ask if we helped a lady a few weeks ago with her car. I said yes and told them the story. They say that they were just at a member's house eating and the members said their friend was that lady. She told them that right before we came strolling along she prayed to God and asked Him to send 2 angels to help her. She specifically prayed for 2 angels. Apparently that's what made the son freak out ha-ha. But how cool is that! Ah. God hears and answers all prayers! I love it. But the story ends really lame. So that lady wanted to hear our message but she went to an evangelical church and they did the whole "be healed!" thing to her and that made her want to go there. It’s ridiculous. The devil really doesn't want anyone to hear the truth. Ugh. But maybe she'll come around. So that's my story. And now I’m going to go check if I have any mail. So...I love you! And hope you have a wonderful week! Be blessed.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh