Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 30, 2010

What it is family! Wow those were some great emails from the both of you. It sounds like things are going awesome. I looked at some pictures of Utah the other day and it makes me miss the mountains SO much ha-ha. It’s so flat here. The closest thing we have to a mountain here is the J.W. Marriott. Mom: keeping working hard. You’re awesome!

Max got his mission call. I’m so stoked for him! Freaking SPAIN! That’s so sickkk. Ahhh. Right when you get this email, call him and tell him I love him and miss him and that I say congratulations!

So that would be cool to meet your friend Kelley McCoy but the only way that will happen is if I serve in Winter Park. What ever happened with your friends that live down in Jensen Beach? The ones that I went to go see. How are they doing? Tell Aunt Wendy and Lindsey and Jake that I love them so much!

So we had a good week. We got to know some more of the members in the ward by visiting them and stuffffff. We HAVE to involve the members more in the work. If we don't, the work won't progress as much as it could. It’s hard to get members excited about missionary work though. On Thursday we had a zone conference all about member work because that's the thing that our mission struggles with the most. It was a way good zone conference too. The rest of the week was a little slow but it's alright. We have a baptism this Saturday! So that's amazing. I feel so blessed to work with such cool people. Sebastian asked me to perform the ordinance so I’ll be doing that at 6 pm on Saturday. And Elder Fullmer will be the voice when God gives him the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. So fresh!

Here's a really cool story that I forgot to tell you about a while ago: so a long time ago Elder Berhold and I were getting lunch at this place called firehouse subs (which is sooo good) and it's across the street from out apartment. So when we were walking back we saw a van on the side of the road. We decided that we should go see if they needed any help. And Elder Berhold is like a master car mechanic. So we went over and had them roll down their window and we asked if they needed help. There was a mom in the driver's seat and her son in the passenger seat. The son's mouth was just dropped (I’ll explain why later) so the mom said she needed help and got out. She had a flat tire and long story short we tried to get the bolts off the rims but they would NOT budge. At all. And Elder Berhold actually broke her tool hahaha. But anyway after apologizing that we couldn't really help we gave her a card and she said she'd call us. Now fast forward 4 weeks. Elder Christensen and Rydalch pick us up from somewhere in the truck and we start talking. They ask if we helped a lady a few weeks ago with her car. I said yes and told them the story. They say that they were just at a member's house eating and the members said their friend was that lady. She told them that right before we came strolling along she prayed to God and asked Him to send 2 angels to help her. She specifically prayed for 2 angels. Apparently that's what made the son freak out ha-ha. But how cool is that! Ah. God hears and answers all prayers! I love it. But the story ends really lame. So that lady wanted to hear our message but she went to an evangelical church and they did the whole "be healed!" thing to her and that made her want to go there. It’s ridiculous. The devil really doesn't want anyone to hear the truth. Ugh. But maybe she'll come around. So that's my story. And now I’m going to go check if I have any mail. So...I love you! And hope you have a wonderful week! Be blessed.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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