Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 13, 2010

Yo family. Mom I’m impressed. You walk everywhere! You’re crazyyy. I just realized I haven't seen recent pictures of you for almost 8 months. Dad...you're always on my back about pictures so you're about to find out what karma means: send me pictures! How does it feel? Hahaha. But pharrell send me a picture of you guys in your next package to me. Speaking of your next package, could you do me a favor? Call Dave Osmond and ask him if he can hook me up with his new album "Road Less Traveled". I haven't heard it yet but I’m sure it's really good. Tell him I listen to his stuff all the time on the mission and I love it. But if he can't get you one then can you buy it? Ha I need more music. I’m burning some CDs today actually. Oh also dad, what's going on with the Xocai protein? Am I going to get to try it or what?

Man...I’m sorry to hear about all these deaths. Tell Linda and Kristine that I love them. And do me a favor please. Right when you get this email call Hayley and tell her that I’m sorry about Grandpa. Tell her I love her and wish I could give her a HUGE hug right this second. Tell her that I send a hug from Florida :) also tell her to give her dad a hug for me. I miss that girl...

So this week sucked, for the lack of a better word hahaha. We contacted 207 people and only taught 14 of them. We taught a guy named Hung that we have been teaching for the past few weeks on Saturday. He was the only set appointment that we had all week. Every time we have taught him he has lied to us about reading the BOM haha. It’s pretty ridiculous. He wasn't willing to keep commitments or come to church so we dropped him. That same day we went to go see a potential named Barbara who was way nice when we first met her. We contacted her while she was walking her dog one night and she seemed really interested so we gave her a BOM and set a return appointment. When we got to her house she freaked out at us and was way rude haha. It was so weird. She might have some problems, I don't know. Then we went to go see some referrals that we got from the Spanish elders. The first one we went to the wife answered and said she had a lot of LDS family but that we were basically going to hell and all this other stuff. Then the next one's daughter answered the door and said that literally right before we got there she had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. Then right after that there was this insane cloud thing in the sky. It looked like it was from the movie independence day or something haha. Then on the other end of the sky there was this crazy looking triangle thing shooting into the distance (I can't explain it ha) but Saturday was just a really strange day.

But on the bright side of Saturday, we went to the temple! Loved that. We actually got to do sealings after too. Missionaries are only allowed to be children or witnesses so we did that. And then Sunday...ugh. Got to church, had our meeting, then I called Raldy. She said she wasn't going to be able to make it to church. I talked to her forever and gave her the drop talk (meaning I was letting her know that if she wasn't going to take it seriously we wouldn't be able to meet with her anymore). But I did it really nicely and stufffffff. Anyway...so I eventually let her know that if she wasn't going to come to church we couldn't do anything for her. So as of right now she's dropped. Hopefully she'll come around and give us a call when she's ready. Please pray for her. So after that I was just depressed. I never knew I could care so much about other people's happiness. It was a huge eye opener. Because I love her and her family they are so cool but they won't come to church!!! Ah! Haha but it's ok. Then this other really cool family from Jamaica randomly walked into church last week while they were looking for churches to go to was supposed to come to church yesterday too. I talked to them on Saturday night and they said they would be there. Come Sunday...nowhere to be found ha. Then Sebastian didn't even come to church because he was "tired" and he said his mom already went to her other church. Man it was just a way bummer day. But this week will be better! I know it. The Lord is definitely testing us though haha. I’m grateful for the trials though because they make the good times so much gooder!!! Right!? Right! :) So we have ZERO investigators right now. Please pray for us to find solid people to teach. We need help. Thanks :)

So that was my week. I’m glad that everything is going so well for you guys! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun and staying busy. I love you so much! Talk to you next week. Have a blessed week.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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