Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010


Somos los misioneros de la Iglesia de los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias.

Wassup, wassup! How are you my wonderful parents? Things here are great! We had a big thunderstorm last night. I woke up a few times during the night and heard THE loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. And it's been rolling thunder, lightning, and rain all morning. Lightning struck right next to our apartment, ha-ha. Pretty cool!

I’m really sad to hear about Aunt Betty. I wish I could have seen her before it happened. She’s out of pain now though. So that's awesome and we'll have eternity with her so I’m not too worried.

Sounds like Grandma's party was really fun! Too bad I wasn't would have been way better!! :)

Anyway, this last week was good. We had Zone P-day last Monday. Played basketball and watched "Up". I love that movie!! Then the next day we had Zone Conference which was amazing! It pumped me up for missionary work, ha.

The Mission President gave a really good training on teaching the plan of salvation using the Book of Mormon. We had other trainings on referrals and the Lord's invitation for baptism. So that was a spiritual uplifter. The Mission President committed us to set two baptismal dates by the end of the week and we tried. Hard. We invited Christie, Tiffany, and this couple Larry and Darlena. Christie still doesn't understand authority and how we hold it. Tiffany said she needs to pray and read more. Larry and Darlena accepted and right after the first lesson too! But we haven't set a date with them yet. They said soon though or when they're ready. We were also hoping to see Christie and Tiffany at Sacrament. They weren't there though.

By the way, I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting on "charity". It went well. I dropped a tear or two at the end of reading a poem called "The Touch of the Master's Hand". But back to what I was saying. They didn't come to Sacrament. But then thankfully Tiffany ended up coming to Gospel Principles AND Relief Society. That made me really happy. Buttttt, not much else is going on. We’ll see if we can set a solid date with Larry and Darlena tonight because we have an appointment with them.

But I love you both! I miss you too! Have a wonderful week! Be blessed~

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Photos, April 26, 2010

                                                    With Kevin Killer, the lizard on my shoulder!

                                                     Kevin Killer, the lizard and his travels!

                                                  Yes! I've mastered the Rubic's Cube!

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010


Hi Moms and Pops. Sounds like you had a pretty crazy week ha-ha. A lot of excitement. Anyway, I'm soooo happy to hear that Justin and Naomi got sealed in the temple! That’s such good news! I’m so happy for them. That’s a huge step. Now they have eternity together :).  Pretty cool.

So Elder Bennett and I are pretty much best friends now. We’re going to do a bunch of cool stuff when we get home we decided haha. He’s from Draper. We’re going to go on scooter rides and double dates and stuff. Hahaha. We planned it all out. No but pharrell (Editorial comment: for those of you without teenage children, that means “for real”) he's a baller.

Anyway this week was good. We didn't have anyone at church which was a bummer. We prayed really fervently asking the Lord to bring someone to church for us. But the mysteries of God are hard to understand, ha. There was a reason.

But I had a really great experience while meeting with Tiffany this past week. She hadn't had a chance to sit down and read from the Book of Mormon yet, so we threw our lesson plan out the window and just sat and read with her. We read the introduction, the testimony of the three witnesses, and 3rd Nephi 11. So as I was reading out loud I started to picture myself being there when Christ was descending from Heaven and saying "behold I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testified would come." I kept reading about how every single person went forth and felt the wounds in His hands and feet. I started to get teary eyed. Then I got to verse 18 and 19. Christ calls Nephi to come to him. I imagined myself being Nephi. And then 19 says "And Nephi arose and went forth, and bowed himself before the Lord and did kiss his feet." I started to cry. Those two words got me. 'Bowed' and 'kiss'. That was one of the moments that I felt the Spirit stronger than ever before. I just pictured me kissing the Savior's feet. I’m crying right now just telling you about it. Literally. Jeez haha. But it was just an amazing experience for me personally. And then Tiffany asked a weird question and the moment was over hahaha. It was awesome though.

So that's my story. Things are good. It’s zone P-day today so we're going to the church as a zone to play basketball and volleyball. Elder Bennett and I are going to watch the movie "Up" too. I love that movie. So I love you family and I miss you. Have a blessed week :)

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

Hi Mother and Father. How goes it my loving family? I miss you. Things are still going well.

Elder Miller is awesome. I love him. He’s a really good missionary. We work well together and I’m learning a lot. We met a bunch of nice people this week too. We had 35 lessons! Pretty cool. And we got 7 new investigators as well. And 2 people at church! Best week ever. That’s the most I’ve had at church yet. Tiffany and Christie. They are great. We actually did some service for Christie for a couple hours on Saturday in her yard (a little bribery never hurts) ;) ha-ha no she actually wanted to come. And I think she enjoyed it. But Tiffany said that it reminded her of her old Anglican church. And she didn't like that church. Hopefully she will recognize the spirit next time.

But yeah Elder Miller and I are having success so things are great. But even if we weren't having success things would still be great. Because missions are great. Yep :)

Looks like Jason’s baptism was awesome! I wish I could have been there. Tell him I love him and he's the man for me! Another thing that I think would be good for him would be to record how he felt before, during, and after he got baptized. Even though he's young and maybe won't write a lot, it's something that he will never forget if he just writes a little something down.

Anyway I love you so much. Have a blessed week family!


Elder Austin Gable Engemann

April 12, 2010 Goodbyes and Hellos

Saying goodbye to Elder Barnes

Parting is such sweet sorrow . . . at the playground!

Austin's new companion, Elder Miller (on left), along with the new housemates, Elders Bennett and Stolle.

Zone Development Conference (Austin is on the left)

Austin is wearing the "talk box :)" . . . whatever that is. We are awaiting clarification???!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010


Hi family! So my companion went home on Friday, pretty crazy! He'll be back in 6 months though, I hope and pray. He's a really good missionary. I learned a lot from him and I will miss him, haha. He's the man!  I'm proud of him for doing it, it took guts and he's happier now. The atonement is real!!! I look forward to hearing from him soon.

I've been working in a threesome (again) for the past few days. I'll be getting a new companion tomorrow, Elder Miller. He's really cool too! I met him at zone conference a few weeks ago. He only has like 3 transfers left, I think. So that will be good.

I'm so glad you got to enjoy General Conference. It was amazing! I loved it so much. They truely are men of God. Good stuff! :)

Here's a pretty awesome story: so the other day a recent convert, we've been working with, slipped up and then got all bummed out (there's a lot more to it but this will suffice). She told her husband about it, who is also a recent convert. Her husband spent some time with us this one day and ended up sharing his wife's struggles with us in confidence. We expressed to him our concern and asked if there was anything that we could do to help. He talked to his wife about our conversation and she got very defensive and offended that he had shared that with us. She felt as though we were all ganging up on her. That's all we knew at that point. So a day later I went on exchanges with the husband and while I was out with him we got into a deep
conversation about some of the things we have both struggled with in our past. I just got a random feeling that I should tell him some stuff. So we talked and that was it. Another day or two later was General Conference and the husband picked me up to give me a ride to church. His wife was with him in the car and she told me that she was previously planning on never coming to church again. (I guess some of the women from the ward had called her around the same time this was happening, just by coincidence, to see if she needed any help. They were trying to set her up with visiting teachers and she thought that everyone was sharing information about her and ganging up. Which was not the case at all!) So she shared with me that the only reason she had decided to come back to church was because her husband had told her about the conversation we had had and about how I had shared some of the things I had struggled with in my past.  It made her realize that even a young missionary, who they look at as perfect for some reason, haha, needs the atonement and needs to use it allllll the time. I thought it was pretty awesome that something that I had struggled with could help another person realize that the atonement is needed by everyone. It's little things, like feeling as though you should share something with someone that you can see, using hindsight, that the Lord is very real and uses us each as an instrument in his hand. And most of the time, we don't even know that we are being used as that instrument. You rarely know who's life you can touch. That's why it's so important to be worthy of the comforting guidance of the Holy Spirit. Without it we are helpless!

I love my Heavenly Father, I love the Lord, I love the Holy Spirit and I love you, my family, so so much!! Forgive me for ever being a struggle to raise or deal with. You've been right about everything you've ever told me, haha!! I now realize that kids DON"T know everything! :)

Anyway, things still are going well, slowly but surely. And thank you for the Easter basket Mommy!
You're the best! There's a lot of junk food in there. It will take me a long time to eat it, haha!

I miss you and love you. Hope all is well.

Elder Austin Gable Engemann


Wow, I totally forgot to tell you! Sorry my brain is always working too fast so it's hard to remember things!
I went to the Temple on Thursday!! It was soooo good. Really refreshing! I love the temple so much.
It's just like a spiritual brain blower, relaxing but energizing! The best!!

Anyway, yeah! haha Love you!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann