Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

What’s crackin’? I love you. You both sound like you're having a really fun summer back at home. That’s good to hear.

This last week was pretty good. We set 3 more baptismal dates this week. We have 7 dates set right now ha-ha. Pretty great. We’re going to have to set some back a bit though. The biggest problem with every single person we have a date with is getting them to church. It’s the worst. So we have Hans / Margie (boyfriend/girlfriend) and Cecile / Isabelle (mother/daughter) that have to work on Sundays. Then Merdela is recovering from health issues. Then Terri hated church and we haven't been able to get in contact with her. And now Sebastian will be able to come. That’s a relief. Ha-ha.

So let me explain the new names. Cecile and Isabelle are way cool. Cecile has distant family members that are LDS. Her husband is Muslim. She and Isabelle are Christian. We met them tracting. We set a date with them for August 21st. We just have to get them to church! Then Sebastian. Let me explain him. So last Sunday there was a visitor from California named Graham. He brought his 12 year old brother-in-law Sebastian to church. He came up to us and introduced us to him and then set up a time that we could go by his house with his mom and him. His mom was baptized when she was 12 in El Salvador and then went inactive when she was like 17. That’s a reallyyyyy long story so I won't go into it ha-ha. But we went over there yesterday and taught them and set a date for august 14th with him and she definitely wants to come back to church. She said she loved the church. So we're excited to get them to church. So those are our dates as of right now. But the rest of  the week was kind of slow.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping again. Bummer huh? But I’m going to try to see the doctor and see what we can do. It’s a long process to see a doctor for something like that on the mission ha-ha. I have to fill out these papers and then they send them to Utah and then they send something back and then we see what they can do for me ha-ha. It’s long. But I should hear about it today from Sister Hall. Don't worry about it though.

And on Saturday Brother Dion (a member in the ward) took us and the Spanish elders out to a place called Mikado. It’s a Japanese steakhouse and it was so freaking good! Ha-ha Brother Dion is the man. He hooked us up way good ha. But that's about it for this week. We had no one at church...pshh. This week though! No doubt. Love you both. Have an amazazing week!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

Photos, July 26, 2010

I Love Temples!

Elder Berhold and Elder Me!

Elders Berhold, me, and Wilks at Ihop with the Campbells
(a senior couple / office missionaries who took us to the temple)

Elders Christensen, me, Berhold, and Langarica with Ethan in the front.
After a very well-off member took us to a Japanese steakhouse at the Marriott. yummm.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Heyyyyy. What up my family? Sounds like the both of you have been doing very well. Mom, I’m so glad to hear that things are going well with exercise. It seems like you guys are just having party after party after party at the house. Party animals...jeez.

Things down South are great. Another good week in the swamp. We’re picking up solid investigators left and right. The Lord is blessing us so much. It’s unreal. We have 5 baptismal dates right now. Well actually I should say 4 because we dropped Kennedy. Not officially, but she won't get in contact with us. So...dropped. Too bad. Some people just aren't ready.

But let's talk about the 4 :).  So I told you about Margie and how she has a date for the 7th of August. And while I was on an exchange, the elders that I was with got a text that said "Hunter's Creek West set a date with Hans for August 7th. A baptism and a wedding!" (Our zone leaders send out texts when someone in the zone sets a date). So I was just thinking "Huh? Who is Hans?" And I called Elder Berhold and Elder Wilks and they said they went over to Margie’s house and she wasn't there. But guess who was. Her boyfriendddd. And guess what they did. Yep. Set a date with him too. And then he said that he wants to get married before they get baptized so they can set a good example for their child. Little did he know that that was a necessary thing. But he said it himself! So fresh. I was sooo stoked! I was throwing fist pumps and getting' a little craze yo. So they're going to get married and then baptized together! Ahhhh! Yes. Anyway. So that is so sick.

But then the next person is Terri. And she came to church yesterday. But she said she didn't like it because she couldn't concentrate in Sacrament Meeting because of all the crying kids and stuff. And she didn't stay for Sunday School or Relief Society so she didn't get the full effect. Bummer. But she's still on track for the 31st as of right now.

And then the last person...Merdela. So here's the story: We were knocking doors and we met this 70 year old guy from Jamaica named Ronald. He said he didn't believe in God (even though I know he really does because a lot of people are just mad at God because of things that have happened in their life. But I can tell when someone believes in God even when they say they don't). He said that he doesn't understand why God lets bad things happen to people who have been good their whole life (typical question). Because he just lost a baby grandson and his wife had been struggling with cancer. So Elder Berhold and I bore solid testimony that God lives and Jesus is the Christ and that they love us and want us to succeed. We talked to him for a long time at the door step. I read some scriptures from the Book of Mormon to him from Alma 14:10-11 and told him that God lets us use our agency to choose what we will do in life and everyone will be judged according to how they use their agency, etc. and for some people they choose to hurt other people and whatnot. And then I read from Alma 32 about how faith is like a seed and we told him we want to help him regain his faith in Jesus Christ and God. The Spirit was strong but he was resisting it a little. But little by little he put down his walls. And then he looked at Elder Berhold and saw that he was sweating like crazy ha-ha and told us to come in. And we went in and met his wife Merdela. And she was lying on the couch. We found out that she had just been released from the hospital the previous day. She said that they were able to get rid of all the cancer and she talked about how she has always had faith, even through her hard trials. She’s a soldier pharrell (editorial comment: that means “for real” to those of us over 30.). She was still in a lot of pain. But we taught her the restoration and near the end I recited John 3:5 that says "Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God" and explained how baptism by the authority of God is necessary if we want to live with Him again. Then we invited her to be baptized and she just started bawling. Like...bawling. And I was just thinking "crap I made her cry" hahahaha. Cause it was way sad. But then it was a happy-sad because she said yes. I guess she just felt the Spirit testify to her that it was something she needed to do. That family was so nice. Then the daughter talked to us about "Jehovah God" for a long time ha-ha. She’s going to the Jehovah's Witness church I guess. But she said she still hasn't found where she feels most comfortable. Every time I hear "Jehovah God" I cringe a little. Ha-ha oh well. But anyway so we set a date with Merdela for the 14th of August. But we went back on Friday and sadly, Ronald told us she went back into the hospital because she had a heart attack. So keep their family in your prayers. He said she should be out of the hospital sometime this week. So we'll be going back over there within the next few days. So we had a really good week!

The Church is true. God lives. Jesus Christ lives. Life is good. I love you both. Have a “blessful” week! :)

-Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka Dubee Fresh

Photos, July 19, 2010

I asked this lady who wasn't interested if I could take a picture of her doormat hahaha.

Nasty sweat salt stains hahahaha. That's what you get when you ride a bike all day in Florida!

Austin and a new friend ;)

Elder E. and Sister Fernandez (from Austin's district in the Missionary Training Center) at zone conference.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 17, 2010

Yo Family-fo-Shamily. Things are going well. I'm glad to hear that you had a good 4th of July. And you got Bronson out of the house! Alright! Hopefully, he lost some weight, ha-ha.

So last week was good. We have three baptismal dates set: Terri, for July 31st, Kennedy for August 7th, and Margie for August 7th as well. We might be dropping Kennedy. We need to see how seriously she's going to take it. Terri is really cool. Elder Berhold and I tracted into her my first week here and set a return appointment. Then later, we found out that she had previously received some assistance in the emplyment center at the mission office. And she had talked to an elder that was here a while ago and she was going to take the lessons but then that missionary left. So we just happened to knock on her door. Pretty crazy. She already had a Book of Mormon. The Lord definitely had a hand in putting our paths together. I love how that works :). And then Margie is really awesome. She was a referral that a couple of sister missionaries gave us. The boundaries are a little confusing up here so they were tracting in our area and found her. Free investigators! Whoo! Ha, kidding. But she's great and wants to get baptized. She came to church with her 8 month old daughter, Unique. She's so cute, ha-ha. Such a happy baby. So we're really stoked to work with Margie.

We had a pretty fun experience this week. We were knocking doors and this Arabic family was having a Bible study and they told us to come in and tell them about the "Mormon Faith." So we did and we were straight up standing and preaching to like 12 people, ha-ha. It was so sick. Some of them tried to argue but we pretty much worked them . . . nicely . . . on everything. It was a good time. Ha. But that's pretty much it. Now it's Zone P-day and I'm going to go play basketball.

Have a great week!

- Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 9, 2010

Hey Mom and Pops. It's me. Elder Engemann. Your son. Just chillin right now in the mission office.

I love my new area. It's nice being in more of a city. Hunter's Creek West is the smallest area in the mission. It's a little different than having to bike 5 miles just to GET to my area, ha-ha. Everything is close. It's definitely a different experience up here. It's all gated communities and apartment complexes. But we found out what the fire code is to get through the gates, ha-ha. So we can get into any gate here :) Pretty handy.

My new companion, Elder Berhold, is a cool guy. He's from Centerville, Utah. We also live with two Spanish speaking missionaries: Elder Christensen and Elder Langarica. I knew Elder Christensen before from down in the Stuart Zone so it's sweet living with him. And Elder Langarica is cool too. They cover our same area but they just do Spanish work. So we all tract the same places sometimes. And we'll split up so we have one English and one Spanish missionary together, in case we run into a person who only speaks Espanol.

The apartment is pretty nice too. When I got there it was all messy and unorganized so I fixed it right on up. You'd be so proud of me Mom! All my stuff is way organized. Don't faint, it's true.

So we set a baptismal date with a lady named Kennedy for August 7th. She's very nice and loves to talk.  She kinda talks like a ghetto thug queen ha-ha --- I love it. We'll need to work with her on changing a few things in her life. I'm excited to work with her towards baptism. This area hasn't had a baptism since last November. We're definitely going to need the Lord's help in getting this area to thrive with investigators and baptisms. I have faith that He will lead us to those people whom He has prepared for the Restored Gospel. I can definitely feel the guidance of the Holy Ghost stronger and stronger each day as we contact people or decide where we need to tract. It's pretty nice.

The Hunter's Creek Ward is really great too. Everyone is really nice. And there are 7 missionaries in the ward ha-ha. So many. It's me and Elder Berhold in HC West, a threesome companionship in HC East, and two American Sign Language sister missionaries also. And church starts at 1PM now. So late. The Spanish Ward starts at 9AM and there are 4 missionaries in that ward. So before our ward starts, there are 11 missionaries in the building. It's pretty fun, ha. And actually there are office missionaries in our ward too because the mission office goes to that ward. And the new mission president, President Hall, and his wife were there too. They are awesome. President Hall is the man. And apparently a bunch of things are going to be changing. And not just because we have a new president, but because I guess the brethren are going tgo be changing some things with missionary work soon. I can explain more when the changes actually start to happen. It will be good.

I'm going to back-track for a second because I forgot to tell you. Before I left Port St. Lucie, Karolyn and Jonathan took me and Elder Miller out to eat at Benihana's. It was so good. I had sushi :) mmm . . . They are the best! I love them so much. You'll need to meet them one day. So that was really fun.

But that's about it for now. Love you both! Have a "blessful" week! :)

- Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Photos, July 9, 2010

Some Goodbyes . . .

The Mejias

 Jonathan and Karolyn at special goodbye dinner at Benihana's

The Futo Family

A last goodbye to Elder Miller

Some Hellos . . .

Austin's new companion, Elder Berhold

Austin's new apartment in Hunter's Creek

 The Hunter's Creek Zone

We hope Hunter's Creek is ready for this!

 Catching some fireworks on the 4th

And Some Truly Astounding Developments . . . 

Austin actually CLEANED and organized his new apartment on his own! 
  (He instructed his mother not to faint.) 

 He organized the study room.

 And he cleaned this kitchen . . . proof positive . . . miracles DO happen!



Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hello Ma and Pa!

How are things going in Provo?  Good, I hope.  You guys better be reading your scriptures! :). Things here are going well. I found out on Saturday that I'll be headed up to Hunter's Creek in South Orlando on Wednesday. I'm stoked. I heard all about the area and the ward from one of the missionaries in my current ward, Elder Lindley.  He used to serve in the same area I'm going to. It's called Hunter's Creek West. But he told me all these good things about it . . . and President Darrington also told me it was an awesome area. My new companion's name is Elder Berhold. Oh, and I also heard that Elder Christensen (my old zone leader) is living in the same apartment I'm going to. So that will be sick  (editorial comment for those over 30: "sick" is good) because I love Elder Christensen, ha-ha. I'm for sure going to miss all the elders that I live with right now though (Elders Miller, Bennett and Stolle. And I'll miss the ward and all the people with whom we're working towards baptism. But it will be a good change. New scenery. So I'm looking forward to working with Elder Berhold in Hunter's Creek West. It will be good.

So this last week wasn't that good. Elder Miller and I got way sick and couldn't get a lot done from Sunday to Wednesday. I'm still trying to clear up my nasal congestion, ha-ha. I've got the sniffs. We got it from some member's children that were sick when we went over to their house to eat. But we were able to work well during the end of the week. We had two investigators at church: Con and John. And Con also brought a friend to church. So that was good. John is married to a member. He had a bad experience with some missionaries who overstepped their boundaries about two years ago. But he came up to me last Sunday (he was the one in the ballin' suit that I told you about) and told me he wanted Elder Miller and me to come teach him. So we did and it went well. He wants to be baptized! So sick! Ha, it's great! But on a lame note, Ryan won't answer or return our phone calls. He might need to be dropped. Hopefully not though. I really hope he starts to take it seriously. Anyway, say a prayer for him.

So last night we had a BBQ at a member's back-door-neighbor's with whom they are good friends. The members are the Smiths and the neighbors are Bill and Lois. Very nice people. Lois has been reading from the Book of Mormon. They're interested. We've been able to teach them a little bit and they enjoy it. So that was pretty fun. Good food too. Bill is an awesome cook. Not as good as you though, Mom :).

I miss you both! You're going to get a ginormous hug when I see you again. Be prepared.

But that's it for now. We're going treasure hunting! Love you! Have a blessed week!

- Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Photos, June 29, 2010

Saying goodbye to President and Sister Darrington

Brother Bowser (Ward Mission Leader) and Austin
Cheryl, Michael, Austin

Bill and Lois (Investigators), Austin, Brother and Sister Smith

Sister Ferrara's pets. Biggest dogs ever!