Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 9, 2010

Hey Mom and Pops. It's me. Elder Engemann. Your son. Just chillin right now in the mission office.

I love my new area. It's nice being in more of a city. Hunter's Creek West is the smallest area in the mission. It's a little different than having to bike 5 miles just to GET to my area, ha-ha. Everything is close. It's definitely a different experience up here. It's all gated communities and apartment complexes. But we found out what the fire code is to get through the gates, ha-ha. So we can get into any gate here :) Pretty handy.

My new companion, Elder Berhold, is a cool guy. He's from Centerville, Utah. We also live with two Spanish speaking missionaries: Elder Christensen and Elder Langarica. I knew Elder Christensen before from down in the Stuart Zone so it's sweet living with him. And Elder Langarica is cool too. They cover our same area but they just do Spanish work. So we all tract the same places sometimes. And we'll split up so we have one English and one Spanish missionary together, in case we run into a person who only speaks Espanol.

The apartment is pretty nice too. When I got there it was all messy and unorganized so I fixed it right on up. You'd be so proud of me Mom! All my stuff is way organized. Don't faint, it's true.

So we set a baptismal date with a lady named Kennedy for August 7th. She's very nice and loves to talk.  She kinda talks like a ghetto thug queen ha-ha --- I love it. We'll need to work with her on changing a few things in her life. I'm excited to work with her towards baptism. This area hasn't had a baptism since last November. We're definitely going to need the Lord's help in getting this area to thrive with investigators and baptisms. I have faith that He will lead us to those people whom He has prepared for the Restored Gospel. I can definitely feel the guidance of the Holy Ghost stronger and stronger each day as we contact people or decide where we need to tract. It's pretty nice.

The Hunter's Creek Ward is really great too. Everyone is really nice. And there are 7 missionaries in the ward ha-ha. So many. It's me and Elder Berhold in HC West, a threesome companionship in HC East, and two American Sign Language sister missionaries also. And church starts at 1PM now. So late. The Spanish Ward starts at 9AM and there are 4 missionaries in that ward. So before our ward starts, there are 11 missionaries in the building. It's pretty fun, ha. And actually there are office missionaries in our ward too because the mission office goes to that ward. And the new mission president, President Hall, and his wife were there too. They are awesome. President Hall is the man. And apparently a bunch of things are going to be changing. And not just because we have a new president, but because I guess the brethren are going tgo be changing some things with missionary work soon. I can explain more when the changes actually start to happen. It will be good.

I'm going to back-track for a second because I forgot to tell you. Before I left Port St. Lucie, Karolyn and Jonathan took me and Elder Miller out to eat at Benihana's. It was so good. I had sushi :) mmm . . . They are the best! I love them so much. You'll need to meet them one day. So that was really fun.

But that's about it for now. Love you both! Have a "blessful" week! :)

- Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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