Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 29, 2011

Parentals aka my great family!

The Lord is pouring out blessings from above. Like...pharrelllllllllll. I love the ward. I love the area. I love the people in the college program. I love my companion. I love Florida. I love the Florida Orlando Mission, including all the Elders and Sisters in it. I love recent converts. I love Jesus. I love life. I love YOU! I love a lot more things too.

Speaking of loving you...Happy 26 year anniversary this week!'s like you love each other or something...

So crazy news: The entire Stuart stake (aka the Stuart zone), including all of the missionaries in it, was just moved into the Ft. Lauderdale mission due to the Temple districts changing. Huge change for the mission. We lost 22 soldiers. But they will do great things in the Ft. Lauderdale mission. And our mission will be blessed for it as well. All things happen for a reason and the Lord has His divine purposes. I trust Him ;)

We had a great week. Steve got baptized today! It was an amazinggg baptismal service. Everything went perfect! One of the best things about baptizing guys is that you can give them a GIANT bear hug after the service. I love that. We have Carlie set up to be baptized next Saturday and then Kristen for the next. Carlie could possibly be moved to the 12th as well. We'll see. But Heavenly Father is hooking us up. We are so thankful and humbled with all the success. The ward is on fire. Sharing the Gospel so hard. They are the best missionaries ever. Everything is just awesome.

We had a lesson with April a few days ago. She basically said that she didn't want to get baptized. But she said that she hadn't received an answer if the Book of Mormon was true or not. So we set up a plan to accomplish that by Sunday. Please pray for her to receive an answer.

So yesterday we were doing a little weekly planning and we realized we needed to help some people get serious about this (due to the fact that it had been a long time since we had met with some people) or find new people to teach. Then Heavenly Father just filled our night with miracles. We had 6 amazing people to teach. We had a lesson with a girl named Faith that went amazing. We had a lesson with Kristen and she is so ready. Then at the end her roommate walked in and she is now coming to church tomorrow. We had a lesson with Angie and Nozomi again. And we had a lesson with Arden and her husband Chris. It was like in one night the Lord brought us back to where we needed to be. So great. Please say a prayer for all of the people that I have talked about in this email. Just one mighty prayer will do ;) Things are just amazing. I've said amazing like a thousand times.

I love you! Have a great week!

p.s. Will you please stop the auto-ship on the Xocai protein. I will have enough to last me the rest of the mission. Thank you!

p.p.s. The songs you recorded are GREAT! So good I'm going to burn them to a disc! Love you!
Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Photos, October 29, 2011

Spaghetti party time in the hallway on a blanket. Elder G shock, Nikkita, Morgan, Tosha, Me

The James' went home :( I love them.

After institute ice cream party with some cool rings that look like little missionary robots. Elder G shock, Me, Tahnee, Shannon

Steve's Baptism! Me, Steve, Dan, Elder G shock

Some of the crew at the baptism

Part of crew shot #2


Friday, October 28, 2011

October 22, 2011


So a few things in the spirit of response:

1. Brett is home! When you see him, please give him a bear hug and tell him that I love him.

2. Thank you for praying about the whole issue of my release date. It is much appreciated and I agree with you :)

3. For me to get a FL driver's license I will need my original birth certificate and my social security card. That is somewhat of a hassle but "come what may and love it!" right? So if you could somehow get that to me quickly I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Alright, now for the good stuff. This week was full of greatness! We went on two exchanges. One to Daytona, where I saw Grandpa and a few of the people that I knew up there. Then the other in Orlando, where we worked with Elder Bennett and Elder Hyde. Good times. We were able to set two new dates for November 5th with girls named Carlie and Kristen. They are awesome! Both reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church! They are friends with a member from Provo named Jolene. We have taught them a few times now.

There is a guy in our ward named Tommy that is preparing for a mission and so he has been coming out with us quite a bit this last week! He is a great addition to our teaching. And something that I haven't found to be very common out here is that he likes the same kind of music as I do! (At least what I USED to listen to before the mission haha). So we are pretty tight now haha.

Dave is doing great! We had an awesome lesson with him about the Priesthood and the responsibilities that he will have when he is ordained a Priest. We talked about the Sacrament, baptizing, and missions. I started crying as I shared some feelings about the mission and how much he would love it. It was a cool experience for me. I can't explain it through email haha sorry.

Steve went home to Pennsylvania for the weekend to see his family, but he is still set to be baptized this next Saturday. Please PRAY for him! Thanks.

Demi's baptism was today! It was so great! She was pretty nervous but she was really happy after the ordinance. She is a great girl. April came to it as well and had a grand old time! We haven't been able to get in contact with Angie or Nozomi really this week, but we are working on it!

The Lord is blessing us SOOOO much right now! Week after week. That's it for now though! I love you both so much! Thank you for being the best parents and the greatest example I could ever look up to! Have a great week!
Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Photos October 22, 2011

April, Amy, Ben, Me, Elder G shock

Dave's Baptism! Elder G shock, Jordan, Dave, Me

The whole clan at Dave's baptism

Demi's Baptism! Me, Kyle, Demi, Elder G shock

Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad!

This week was awesome. So many great things happened. We had a mission conference this morning from 11-1 with Elder Andersen from the Quorum of the 12! It was amazing! It was kind of a last minute thing. We knew he was going to be here to speak in the Hunter's Creek Stake Conference and on Monday he told President Hall that he wanted to speak to the mission. I love hearing from Apostles! He spoke a lot about patience in the work. So good. But yeah I'll share some of our experiences from this week.

1. We were asked to give a girl in our ward a blessing. She was having a hard time with some things. We went over and two of her nonmember roommates were there, Angie and Nozomi. As they listened to us explain what we were about to do, they became very interested, and eventually asked if they could receive blessings as well. We ended up giving all of them blessings. There were three priesthood holders there so we each gave one. I gave one to the member. Elder Gregson gave Angie a blessing in spanish because she is from Puerto Rico. And Ben (a member) gave Nozomi a blessing. The Spirit was in the room so strongly during these blessings. We felt the love the Lord had for these girls. After Elder Gregson gave Angie a blessing she stood up, turned around with tears in her eyes and started to explain herself in Spanish. I obviously had no idea what she was saying, but I could tell that she was filled with the love of God. Elder Gregson translated what she had said after she finished. She said that when we put our hands on her head and started she felt something that she had never felt before flow from her head down to her toes. After the blessings we explained that the Spirit of God was what they were feeling. We had an appointment right then, so we asked if we could come back in an hour and talk to them more about what happened and how important it is. They accepted. We came back and had a great lesson. Invited to baptism. They said if they found out it was true they would. They are coming to church tomorrow.

2. We taught Demi for the fourth time on Wednesday. We had fasted for her on Sunday that she could accept the restoration of the Gospel and be baptized. Each out of the three previous times we had met with her we invited her to be baptized. We had feelings that this, the fourth, would be a pivotal lesson. We went in and eventually were inspired by Heaven to ask if she was scared. When we asked that simple question...everythinggg poured out. She wept as she explained all of her concerns and how she was scared to make the wrong decision. Everyone from her home had been telling her that she was making a mistake to study the Book of Mormon. She had been having an inner-conflict with herself about making the right choice. We helped her through it and explained how the adversary makes us fearful and the Holy Ghost helps us feel peace and love. She recognized that each time she read, prayed, went to church, and so on, she felt the presence of the Spirit. At the right moment, we invited her to be baptized again and she accepted. We set her date for next Saturday, the 22nd. As it set in, she lit up and started beaming. It was like she was being filled with helium-stress and it was finally able to be released and relieved. It was pretty amazing to see it happen. So she is preparing to be baptized!

3. Dave's baptism was this morning before the mission conference. He was SO happy. Everything was amazing. The girls who introduced him to the Church gave the talks and they blew it out of the water. They made Dave cry and brought the Spirit very strongly. We are so thankful for ward members who are devoted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We couldn't do it without them! They also got Dave the quad scripture set with a case and his name engraved. He was so thankful. Charity.

4. We went on exchanges with the Stuart and Hunter's Creek zone leaders this week. Stuart has a lot of great things happening in their area. They are happy and excited. Elder Schmeil and I were able to set 3 dates. One of them was a girl named Mary that accepted to be baptized next Saturday. As we invited her to be baptized the Spirit was being intensely felt by all those present. I was literally burning inside after she accepted the date for next week. One of the few times that I've actually felt a literal burning in my heart. It was an amazing experience. Hunter's Creek has some things going as well. They are excited for the success that their zone is having and are planning on meeting their baptism goal of 16 this month. We were able to set a date with a girl for the 29th of this month. It was their miracle for this month. I love being a part of other missionaries' success and happiness!

Those were the highlights. I LOVE YOU A TON!!! Have a great week!

I apologize for not speaking enough of Uncle Ed last week! I don't know what happened because I thought about it a lot. I emailed Grandma Barnes though and tried to give her some words of encouragement. Tell Aunt Verna and Grandma that I love them very much. I testify that Uncle Ed is not far distant from us. I testify that he still lives as the spirit-child of God that he was first created as. I know that one day, through the resurrection of our Redeemer Jesus Christ, Uncle Ed will have his body again, perfected, and not a hair of his head will be lost. Every limb, joint, and bone will be brought to an immortal state and he will be free from any of the pains and afflictions he suffered in this earthly life. He lives! And it's only through Christ. The reason we have this pure knowledge is through the restoration of the Gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I testify that that man was called of God. I testify that the work that he was called to perform was the work of our God, our Heavenly Father. The Bible contains Christ's resurrection and the Book of Mormon teaches us the wonderful knowledge that resurrection is available to all of God's children. The Book of Mormon teaches us in an in-depth, simple, and clear way the doctrine of the resurrection. That is why it is so important! Aunt Verna, I love you! I am sorry for your loss. You will see your sweet husband once again! I KNOW THAT IS TRUE! I invite you to read the passages in the Book of Mormon that teach of where Uncle Ed is and how happy and set-free he is! Please! I beg of you! And when you do, pray and ask the Lord to help you understand the teachings. It will change your life! It has changed mine! I testify that the fulness Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth. We are led by Apostles and Prophets. God has always worked in the same way and will continue to do so until the second coming of our Savior, when we will see Him face to face. I love you Aunt Verna and Grandma Barnes! All will be made right through Christ.

I will explain about my release date next week! I'm sorry I ran out of time! Love you!
Elder Austin Gable Engemann


Hey I am so scatter brained when I email you guys I'm so sorry! DAD! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY! I love you so much. You are the best father ever. Like...numero uno fo sho! I have learned so much from you in my life. And most of it is things that I've realized on the mission. Weird how that works. But you have blessed me with things that will benefit me for the rest of my life! You aren't that old...don't worry. Adam was like 1000 or something hahaha.

So about the release date thing: I would love to have you here my last few days. I would also love to just come home. Whatever you think would be best. Because I know that you both have waited a long time to see me and however you want that to happen is fine with me. It's because of you that I am even here on the mission :) both have pros and cons. I do want to finish my mission strong though. 100% till the last second. I think it's something you should pray about for sure...just like everything else haha. Get back to me next week and we can talk a little more about it.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Friday, October 14, 2011

October 8, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad!

Things are great. Conference was so good! Every talk. The most significant thing I learned from conference was that the Brethren are trying to hasten the work. Most of the talks either had a prominent or an underlying threading of missionary work.

I am so grateful to be so heavily involved in the Lord's work. I hope that throughout my life I can have the same desire to share the love of the gospel as I do right now. We had 3 investigators come to conference, 2 that were new, and a few watched it at member's apartments. They all learned a lot. We went by yesterday to teach one named Demi and she had taken a few pages of notes. We were shocked at how much she got from it. I guess we shouldn't have been though, since it is the Prophets and Apostles haha. But it was cool because she is trying to gain a testimony of modern day prophets and as she studied after conference the Spirit guided her to read some passages in Jeremiah. The verses really touched her heart and helped her realize that God could call prophets, and if He did, He would answer her prayers about it. Then another named April enjoyed President Monson's talk and his sense of humor. It was just a great experience for all of our investigators.

This week was arrivals, transfers, and departures. It was busy, like always, but fun to help with. Zone Leader Council was this week too. It was really good. I felt like it was one of the best I've ever been a part of. We talked about a lot of good and important things that will help the work. 5 of our members came to do some role play with all the ZLs. They LOVED it. They were thankful they could be a part of it.

I was sorry to hear about Uncle Ed's passing. Please tell Grandma B and Aunt Verna and her family that I love them and that I am thinking of them.

So we should be having 1 (possibly 2) baptisms this next Saturday. Dave is excited about his baptism and changing his life. He is reading the Book of Mormon and is close friends with some members that are giving him a lot of support. And Steve is waiting to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith. He just finished 1 Nephi! So cool. But his original date was for the 29th. He is so ready though. So we can pray for a miracle! He is great though. All of our investigators are just awesome. And Steve and Dave are both going to be Priesthood holders! Our area hasn't baptized guys in a long time haha. It will be wonderful. We have a lot of people that we are teaching and are trying to help them accept dates. God is blessing us with success! It's great. So things are just super fantabulous. I LOVE YOU BOTH! Have a great week! Hope you feel better Mom!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

Photos October 8, 2011

Elder Mullen's district meeting

Elder Metcalf (going home) and me

Elder Fox (going home and wearing President Hall's nametag haha) and me

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1, 2011

Hey family!

This email could possibly end up a little short because we have to leave to the chapel pretty soon for Conference. This week was awesome alwaysss! BUT before I forget, I really need some info on my license. Like really really. Because the James' (office couple) are leaving on the 28th of this month and a new couple will be in the office. He knows everything about getting a FL license and the new ones will know nothing about it. So if I need to get a FL license then I would need you to send my birth certificate here. PLEASE get back to me about this.

Alright, enough of this logistical stuff. Let's get to the spiritual meat. So all of our investigators with dates came to church last week. Miracle! Arden came too. She finished the BoM in 10 days! And she said that her husband said he would be "behind her" on whatever she chose to do! Miracle! Prayer works! God softens people's hearts! Another girl, Demi, came to church last week with a member. We have taught her a couple times since then and she is coming to conference this weekend. God has blessed us so much lately with people to teach. There are so many. It's literally hard to keep track of all of our investigators and potentials. I love missionary work! :)

We went on three exchanges this week. The Cocoa ZLs, the Hunter's Creek ZLs, and the Leesburg ZLs. And somehow we still managed to get a ton of work done in our area. Miracle! Oh, cool experience. So when I was in Cocoa with Elder Schmutz we went to teach this guy that they had met a few days earlier. He said he used to have missionaries over at his house all the time when he was younger. He also told us that he had been baptized before and all this other stuff. So we taught him about the Priesthood and some other things and then invited him to be baptized into Christ's church. He said he would. Then a little later we invited him to conference and his brother, who was sitting at a table in the other room, asked what time it was at and said "It's not every day that you hear from modern Apostles!" And we were like "Yeah you should come!" And he started to say it had been forever since he had heard Apostles talk and also about how earlier in his life he was going to go on a mission and he wanted to go to Japan and all this stuff. We were really confused. So we said, pointing to our name tags, "Wait...are you a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" He said "Yeah, we were both baptized when we were younger." We looked over at the guy we were teaching and he nodded his head. Hahahaha the first time a less-active accepted a baptismal invitation! There is a first for everything. But there is a reason I told you this story, don't worry. Something that really touched my heart happened. We were finished up and we invited the guy we were teaching (I feel bad because I don't remember his name) to say the closing prayer. He said he didn't feel comfortable and asked if we would. The member that came with us didn't help really because right after I said "Will you offer the closing prayer?" he said, before the guy had a chance to answer, "BUT if you don't feel comfortable you don't have to..." haha it was weird. he didn't want to and we asked his brother sitting at the table to say the prayer. He didn't want to at first because he said he hadn't done it in such a long time but then we explained a little and encouraged him, so he did it. As he prayed I started to tear up a little bit. It was such a little tender mercy from the Lord. Hearing someone offer a simple, heartfelt prayer after years of not communicating with Heavenly Father is a very spiritual experience. Those little, repentant steps toward God are such blessings to witness.

I LOVE being involved in this work. So that was a cool experience for me this week. Anyway...we have to go to conference haha. I love you both so much though! Have a great week!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann