Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hello Ma and Pa!

How are things going in Provo?  Good, I hope.  You guys better be reading your scriptures! :). Things here are going well. I found out on Saturday that I'll be headed up to Hunter's Creek in South Orlando on Wednesday. I'm stoked. I heard all about the area and the ward from one of the missionaries in my current ward, Elder Lindley.  He used to serve in the same area I'm going to. It's called Hunter's Creek West. But he told me all these good things about it . . . and President Darrington also told me it was an awesome area. My new companion's name is Elder Berhold. Oh, and I also heard that Elder Christensen (my old zone leader) is living in the same apartment I'm going to. So that will be sick  (editorial comment for those over 30: "sick" is good) because I love Elder Christensen, ha-ha. I'm for sure going to miss all the elders that I live with right now though (Elders Miller, Bennett and Stolle. And I'll miss the ward and all the people with whom we're working towards baptism. But it will be a good change. New scenery. So I'm looking forward to working with Elder Berhold in Hunter's Creek West. It will be good.

So this last week wasn't that good. Elder Miller and I got way sick and couldn't get a lot done from Sunday to Wednesday. I'm still trying to clear up my nasal congestion, ha-ha. I've got the sniffs. We got it from some member's children that were sick when we went over to their house to eat. But we were able to work well during the end of the week. We had two investigators at church: Con and John. And Con also brought a friend to church. So that was good. John is married to a member. He had a bad experience with some missionaries who overstepped their boundaries about two years ago. But he came up to me last Sunday (he was the one in the ballin' suit that I told you about) and told me he wanted Elder Miller and me to come teach him. So we did and it went well. He wants to be baptized! So sick! Ha, it's great! But on a lame note, Ryan won't answer or return our phone calls. He might need to be dropped. Hopefully not though. I really hope he starts to take it seriously. Anyway, say a prayer for him.

So last night we had a BBQ at a member's back-door-neighbor's with whom they are good friends. The members are the Smiths and the neighbors are Bill and Lois. Very nice people. Lois has been reading from the Book of Mormon. They're interested. We've been able to teach them a little bit and they enjoy it. So that was pretty fun. Good food too. Bill is an awesome cook. Not as good as you though, Mom :).

I miss you both! You're going to get a ginormous hug when I see you again. Be prepared.

But that's it for now. We're going treasure hunting! Love you! Have a blessed week!

- Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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