Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010


Hi Moms and Pops. Sounds like you had a pretty crazy week ha-ha. A lot of excitement. Anyway, I'm soooo happy to hear that Justin and Naomi got sealed in the temple! That’s such good news! I’m so happy for them. That’s a huge step. Now they have eternity together :).  Pretty cool.

So Elder Bennett and I are pretty much best friends now. We’re going to do a bunch of cool stuff when we get home we decided haha. He’s from Draper. We’re going to go on scooter rides and double dates and stuff. Hahaha. We planned it all out. No but pharrell (Editorial comment: for those of you without teenage children, that means “for real”) he's a baller.

Anyway this week was good. We didn't have anyone at church which was a bummer. We prayed really fervently asking the Lord to bring someone to church for us. But the mysteries of God are hard to understand, ha. There was a reason.

But I had a really great experience while meeting with Tiffany this past week. She hadn't had a chance to sit down and read from the Book of Mormon yet, so we threw our lesson plan out the window and just sat and read with her. We read the introduction, the testimony of the three witnesses, and 3rd Nephi 11. So as I was reading out loud I started to picture myself being there when Christ was descending from Heaven and saying "behold I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testified would come." I kept reading about how every single person went forth and felt the wounds in His hands and feet. I started to get teary eyed. Then I got to verse 18 and 19. Christ calls Nephi to come to him. I imagined myself being Nephi. And then 19 says "And Nephi arose and went forth, and bowed himself before the Lord and did kiss his feet." I started to cry. Those two words got me. 'Bowed' and 'kiss'. That was one of the moments that I felt the Spirit stronger than ever before. I just pictured me kissing the Savior's feet. I’m crying right now just telling you about it. Literally. Jeez haha. But it was just an amazing experience for me personally. And then Tiffany asked a weird question and the moment was over hahaha. It was awesome though.

So that's my story. Things are good. It’s zone P-day today so we're going to the church as a zone to play basketball and volleyball. Elder Bennett and I are going to watch the movie "Up" too. I love that movie. So I love you family and I miss you. Have a blessed week :)

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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