Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September, 7, 2010

Heyyy I loved your emails. It sounds like things are awesome. Mom...30 lbs!!!!!! That’s SO great! I’m happy for you. Keep it up :). Just so you know though I don't go to an internet cafe to email you. I go to the mission office because it's really close to our apartment. The reason I didn't email yesterday is because we needed to labor on Labor Day. Everyone was home so it was a good day. Elder Fullmer and I just tracted allllll day. Got soaked with sweat in the afternoon. Got soaked with rain at night. So yeah president switched our P-day to today. And just to let you know . . . you don't need to keep telling me to send pictures!!! Come onnn! Ha-ha. Every time I have new pictures I send them to you. So stop worrying about that (Dad) ha. And send my facebook peeps my love. Tell Elder Miller (well I guess he's not Elder anymore...so Ryan Miller) that I love my foster father ha-ha.

This week was...good? I think. I don't really remember ha-ha. But some good things were that we set a date with Raldy and her daughter Shauntell for October 2nd and committed them to come to church because we've been working with them for almost 3 months and they've never come to church. But...they didn't come. So we might need to drop them. Because if they won't take the initiative to come to church...we can't do anything to help them. She’s so cool and knowsss it's true. Ugh. We’ll see what happens.

Sebastian’s baptism was awesome! He loved it so much. He was so excited. When we walked into the bathroom to change after I gave him a hug and he just held on so tight for a long time. It was the best! Ha-ha he said he felt like crying and he thanked me for everything. I didn't need thanking but it was cool of him. He’s the man. His mom loved it too and she's going to start coming back to church now. She came for his confirmation on Sunday and stayed the whole 3 hours and had a totally different experience than she had the first time she came. So I’m so happy about that. Now we just need to work with the dad and get him converted! It’ll be a challenge.

So Elder Fullmer is obsessed with catching lizards. Every time he sees one he gets all excited and serious at the same time. It’s hilarious hahaha. When I went on exchanges this last week, he was with Elder Wilks teaching Sebastian and they went out after and Sebastian and he caught 11 lizards. Hahaha so much for using time effectively. It’s so funny though. He’s like a cartoon character.

What else...nothing really. I love you both though. Have a grrrrrrrrreat week! (Tony the tiger) stay fuhresh.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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