Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

Hellooooo. Thank you for the prayers :) things have been picking up a little bit. Everything sounds good back home. Good to hear. Today is the last day of the transfer. Elder Christensen is going home on Wednesday. So now it will be elders Fullmer, me, Rydalch and Brown.

Cool story #1:

So Wednesday we were supposed to meet Sister Mamea at Cici's pizza. It’s an all you can eat pizza place. So we get there a little early and sit down. The worker comes up to us and asks if we have been there before and know how it works. We said we did and were just waiting for someone else. So he gave us water cups and we went to fill them up. I filled up first and sat down. Then I look over as Elder Fullmer is walking back and the worker gives him two drink cups and says something to him. I thought the guy was just being cool and giving us free drinks. So Elder Fullmer gets back and sits down and tells me that the worker said our food and drinks were paid for. I was confused. I didn't know if Sister Mamea had called and bought our food or what. Then this guy comes up to us and tells us that he bought our food. He said he was a member from Missouri and had been in Orlando since July on business but he was leaving the next day. He said when he was back home it had been a while since he had the missionaries over so he wanted to pay for our food. We were very thankful and talked to him and his wife for a while. So we sit back down eventually with our food and I was starting to feel bad because Sister Mamea was supposed to come and eat with us ha-ha. At this point she's about 15 minutes late though. So I go outside and call her and she answers the phone with the words "oh shoot!" ha-ha. So I figured that she had forgotten. She told us she had and she was really sorry. She forgot she had work and she forgot to tell us ha-ha. How cool is that!? The Lord provided food for us! Honestly though, what are the chances of that happening? Like 0% chance I think. I love little things like that.

Cool story #2:

So we wanted to go see Brad and Jennifer since we hadn't seen them forever and they don't answer the phone or call back. So we were biking home on Friday and decided to drop by their apartment. We were going to go in the main entrance but had a feeling to go to the back entrance. So we bike over to the back and as we are riding we see Brad. So we stop and talked to him. He had just finished running. That’s something small but it's cool. The Lord directed us :) anyway they called us on Saturday night and said they wanted to come to church. Freaking cool. So they came and it was really good. I think they enjoyed it and the Rich family in our ward wants to have them over for dinner. It should be good.

Cool story #3:

So Dad I read your email. And the part where you were telling me about Nancy Austen. It was pretty funny. Because you said they she had friends in the mission, married, and serving in the employment center. That's where I am right now as I’m emailing you hahaha. It’s where I email every Monday. And Elder and Sister Swain (the married couple serving in the employment center) are 20 feet away from me. Ha-ha small worlddddd. I just talked to Sister Swain about Nancy Austen and they've been friends forever. Pretty funny. She wanted me to tell you "thanks for making the connection."

So those are my cool stories for this week.

LOVE YOU! pretty colors :)


Elder Austin Gable Engemenn aka dubEE fresh

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