Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 23, 2010

Hey Family.

Mom thanks for calling me a gospel gangsta. I’ve been trying to convince the other elders how much of a gangsta I am and I showed them that for proof. They recognize now. That letter thing that Miss Jackson (oooooh, I am for real) is doing sounds really good. That will make it a lot easier to stay in some good contact with friends. I never really have a lot of time to write letters.

This week was pretty good. It seemed really long. Elder Fullmer is doing pretty well. He’s having a few struggles but he'll overcome them. Sebastian’s baptism is actually going to be the first weekend in September. There is a wedding reception at the church on Saturday and it's at the only time that his mom could come. So we're doing it the following Saturday. But he's still on track. We have to teach him all the commandments. So we'll do that this and probably next week. We biked in the pouring rain this week to get to an appointment at Sebastian’s house. I love biking in the rain ha. It’s way fun. Just soaked head to toe. Florida rain is crazy. It’s like waterfall out of the sky. We had two investigators at church. Sebastian and Ryan. I’ll tell you more about Ryan as we start to work with him more. He was a referral from the Spanish missionaries so the first time we met him was when he came to church. He’s pretty positive though. It’ll be good :)

But that's all the important stuff that happened this week. I’m out like a sprout. Love you ta-ta-ta def homies. Have a great week!


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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