Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

K, first off I’m going to answer your questions because I know it bugs you when I don't. Mom: 1. by transfer I mean the 6 week periods that we do things by. Every six weeks is called a transfer. And you have the possibility of being transferred every 6 weeks. But President usually will keep you in an area for 3-4 transfers. 2. Senior comp is pretty much no different than junior comp ha-ha. But elder Berhold and I were co-senior. So you're supposed to switch off being senior every week but no one really does that ha-ha. Dad: 1. I’m FINE! Ha :) 2. I don't need anything. 3. I’m sleeping great. 4. Yes, I got the phone number for an orthodontist. I just need to make an appointment.

Alright now that that's over with . . . ha-ha. So dad you just launched a Xocai protein powder!? Please send me some! Pharrell. That’s sweet. I have a lot right now because I got 6 lbs. at Costco for 30 bucks (which is an amazing deal) and it's pretty good but I want to try the Xocai stuff. So if you could send me that that would be awesome. Mom it sounds like you had a good time doing the makeup job for "Earl the pearl". Always working with the celebs. (You’re so jaded. Ha! Kidding :)

So this last week was good. We had 7 investigators committed to coming to church and 2 came. Hans and Margie! That was a blessing. Hans got off work. It was the best. And they stayed the whole time. They really enjoyed it. And Hans was just ballin' so hard in priesthood. Answering questions from the Stake President that some of the elders and high priests didn't even want to answer (or didn't know! uh oh! shh).

The English class went very well. We had 6 people show up, plus missionaries and a guy in the ward. So now that we got enough people coming we're going to make it every Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone really enjoyed it. And Bro. Reisner is a really good teacher. Then again he should be because he has a master's degree in teaching pretty much ha-ha. But it was sweet. I’m excited for the one tomorrow. So we have ZERO dates now ha-ha. But we'll be resetting some of them this week hopefully. We’re teaching a lot of cool people right now so hopefully they'll take it seriously!

So transfer calls were this last Saturday. Elder Berhold found out that he is getting transferred up to Ocoee. We definitely had a few bumps together but I’ll miss him. He’s a good guy. And I found out that.......I’m pregnant. I figured I should tell you now before you find out later. I’ll be giving birth to a son tomorrow. I can feel him kicking as I type. I don't know his name yet though. Hahahaha I’ll be training a new missionary! It’s going to be great. I’ll meet him tomorrow at the mission office at 10 am. So I’ll probably be with him for 2 transfers.

Anyway that's about it for now. I love you both! Stay fresh home slices.

Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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