Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011


This week was awesome. MIRACLES. All over. Alright we'll go day by day:

So last Saturday: After getting some much needed sleep during p day, we went out and taught a member. Thennn after that we went to the bus stop and talked to people. I had just finished talking to someone that left to get on the bus. I was sitting there waiting for more people to come because sometimes, between buses, there isn't anyone there for about 30 seconds (very rare, but sometimes). So I was sitting and out on the sidewalk I see this girl walking by. So she looked over and I just waved, being nice. I wasn't planning on walking over to talk to her because she was on her way and I was just waiting for more people to come sit and wait for the bus. When she looked over and saw me wave she hesitated for a split second while she waved because, I assume, she thought I might have been someone that she knew. But she just kept walking. Right after that the Spirit decked me in the face and told me to go talk to her. It was the strongest impression I've had to do something on the mission. Honestly I've never felt the Spirit that quick and strong tell me to do something. It was sweet. Anyway, so I jump right up, walk out to the sidewalk, and start skipping over to her trying to catch up. Literally skipping haha. I started talking to her and she tells me her name is Elizabeth. So blah blah blah I get to the point and ask her what she is doing that night. Blah blah blah again and we end up going over to her apartment and teaching her out on her porch. She was just so willing to have us over and stuff it was cool. But we committed her to be baptized on August 13th and she was just stoked. So excited. She is awesome.

And then right after that, we were walking back to the car and we ran into this girl named Alex. She told us she is from Las Vegas so that brought up good conversation about us being state neighbors and stuff. And Elder Gregson and her know the same person (some member that went to BYU and is from Vegas) so that was crazy. But we talked to her for a while and she is way cool. But we committed her to come to church the next day. So that was Saturday.

Now Sunday: Morning Church comes around and Alex comes and just loves it! She made a lot of friends and stuff too. The YSA ward is legit. In Sacrament meeting I got to pass the Sacrament which I haven't done forever so that was cool. And this month's theme is missionary work so at the end they invited me to come up and bear my testimony. It was awesome. So yeah morning Church was sweet. Oh I also met this girl that knows Bud and some of my other friends from Salt Lake like Tessa Barton and Jenny Jones (I don't know if you remember them but it was cool). So then Elizabeth comes to night Church and loves it too. After Sacrament she came up to us and said "Can I move my baptism up to the 11th so my new friends can be there?" (a lot of the CP's are leaving on August 12th) and we were like " Pshhh OF COURSE!" Ha we didn't say that but that's what we were thinking. So yeah Elizabeth is getting baptized on the 11th.

Now Monday: We go in the morning to the bus stop to make some friends and one of the workers at the security place came and pulled us aside and said that some people had complained. He said he really didn't see a problem with us because he had seen us there before and we didn't bug anyone. So he was really cool about it. It was actually a blessing because he said that if it happens again and they go to the right people we can get kicked off all the CP apartments for good. So he helped us out. But we can't go to the bus stop anymore so it's kind of a bummer. But I know the Lord has a perfect plan for what's going to happen. We are now shifting all our focus to member work because that's all we can do haha. But we have been teaching a ton of members and role playing with them. They love it. It's cool. They are figuring out ways that they can talk to their friends about the Gospel.

Tuesday: I went on an exchange with the Hunter's Creek Zone Leaders aka Elder Bennett and Elder Call. Elder Call and I worked their area and I got to see some of the people that I was teaching before I left. Including Liz and Keisha! And guess what...they are getting baptized tonight! Keisha asked me to baptize her so we'll be heading over there in about an hour. I'm stoked. They are great. Meanwhile Elder Gregson and Elder Bennett set a date with Alex in our area for August 20th. Sweeeeeet.

Wednesday: Office work...

Thursday: Exchange in Cocoa with the ZL's there.

Friday: Went on a Temple tour with Elizabeth and a cool member named Jennifer that brought her. They got there at 8:15 though. And the tour starts at 7 and ends at 8 haha. Complications. So we just gave her a tour ourselves. It was cool. We taught her a simplified version of the Plan of Salvation on the steps of the Temple. It was stimp.

Today: This morning we went to the Church to clean it. And the ward adopted the road out in front of the Church building so we went up and down it and picked up the trash. Then at 11:30 the Sisters in our ward had a baptism. Then we just got done teaching Alex. She is soooo ready to be baptized. We love her. She will be a strong member. So there is an in-depth look at my week. Hope you enjoyed it. I LOVE YOU! Have a great week :)

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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  1. hahaha I love this. I totally remember you "skipping" over to introduce yourself to me. Miss you and Elder Gregson. Hope life is treating you well.