Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hello Mom and Dad!!!
I love you guys! So his week was a week full of miracles. Listen to this. We had a baptism on Saturday!!! We got home on Wednesday night and Elders White and Dean were sitting at the table. They said "We might possibly have a baptism to refer to you. But he doesn't speak a lot of  English." And so we started talking and they told us about how they had been teaching this guy named Marcelo for a long time and he could never go to church because the Spanish branch starts at 2 pm and he had work. He really wanted to get baptized but he just couldn't because his work conflicted. So Marcelo had called them that day while he was driving and asked if he went to the English ward he could get baptized. The Spirit had obviously worked on him. So we called President Hall, got it approved, and baptized him on Saturday night! He has SUCH a strong testimony of the Gospel.
We had been praying all month to help someone be baptized this month and the Lord pulled through. I used to be surprised by things like this and say "I can't believe that happened!" But now I just think to myself "The Lord is a God of miracles and this is His work. He'll have someone baptized if it's in His will. I know it is His glory be to Him!"
 Ha I love missionary work! I sit in lessons and just think to myself "Man...I love doing this. I don't ever want to go home." It's shocking to see how much the Lord has helped me have a "mighty change of heart". He's been changing me into a disciple of Christ line upon line and looking back I see what's happened. It's amazing.
We're teaching this family that is best friends with a recent-convert from Winter Garden. The Lot family. It's a mom and her two daughters. They really want to get baptized. We set dates with them this week but they fell through because they didn't make it to church. They are great people. We are just teaching a lot of wonderful people right now. The zone is on fire too. Setting tons of dates. In two nights we set like 12 dates. Pretty great stuff.
This week Anissa is getting baptized. She is such a great girl. She went to girl's camp this week and loved it. She made friends with all the girls and all the leaders. She is so ready. So that will be good too. Dad you asked how we found her and it was through her 20 year old brother who is a member in the YSA branch.
Great stuff is happening. But apparently our mission has a blog and I thought you might want to check it out. It's I think Sister Hall does it. Ha funny story. So we were teaching Anissa at her house and we were watching videos on I was scrolling through the youth section of the website and I saw this picture of some kids in an ice cream shop. It was ME! Haha it was so weird. Check it out go to the bottom and click next till you get the page 5 of 6 and you'll see me, Matt, Taylor, and Natalie in the picture on the top right. So crazy haha. I was shocked. You know you're moving up in the world when you're on hahaha. Just kidding.
But things are great. Prayer is pretty cool. I love you both! So much! Oh p.s. Elder Bennett and I spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday and Brother Allen (the member of our ward who called and talked to you guys a few weeks ago) recorded it and said he was going to email it to you. So heads up. Have a great week! It's weird that all my friends are coming home and getting married haha. Bye!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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