Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011


This week was great. We taught a ton of people. Thursday we had our Zone Leader Council. I just want to say how cool President Hall is. I feel like he should be an Apostle or something haha. Every time we have a meeting with him or something he just lifts and inspires everyone around him. But he still has a way funny personality haha. He brings the Spirit very strongly to all of the meetings. I feel blessed to have such a great Mission President.

But to answer your question about Julie: we haven't had a chance to teach her family yet. We met them all so there's a start. Julie is confident that one day they will accept the Gospel. Julie is so great! She is so willing to do things. Very humble. We went over to her house this week and things were way crazy in her house but she took an hour out of her night to watch The Testaments with us.

We had a potluck at the church on Saturday and that was great. There is this HILARIOUS member that just moved here from Utah named Brother Barlow and he brought Karaoke. So funny. He is a total thespian. We love him. But we had Jacob and his friend Vincent there, and also Kelly and Kirk. Jeyvelisse came too. There was a lot of friendship going on so it was good.

Then on Sunday we didn't have any investigators in Sacrament meeting but we did have Jacob, Vincent, and Kirk come to the Sunday School classes. Then after church we taught Jacob and we are really trying to help him accept a date to be baptized. He is ready. We think he thinks it's a bigger deal than it is. Of course, it is a big deal. But he thinks he has to devote ALL his time to the church and stuff. So pray for him. We moved up Kirk's date to next Saturday, the 18th. So that will be great.

Then on Sunday night we were referred to a part-member family that is really cool. They have a daughter named Kyleigh who isn't baptized yet. We feel that it was an answer to our fast. The Lord is really good at blessing us lately haha. But things are stimpy. Life is good. And I love you both! Have a great week!


Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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