Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

Hi Mom and Dad!

So last week I totally forgot to tell you Happy Father's Day Dad. I had it written down to tell you. I even reminded Elder Bennett while he was emailing and I still forgot haha. Sorry. But you're the best father in the world! Pharrell. I'm glad you got the text too.

Well this week went pretty well. We met with Anissa a lot. She went to Young Women's on Tuesday and loved it. We moved her date up a week to the 25th of June. She didn't come to church again though because she was at her cousin's house. So we're moving her date back to the first weekend in July. She is going to girl's camp this week though and that will be really great for her. We met and set a date with Julie's husband Henry. They are a cool family. Henry is pretty funny. So we set his date for July 9th, but he didn't come to church this week because of work so we're going to move his date back maybe as well. We'll see. Kirk came to church with Kelly this week. Then we met with him Sunday night and watched "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" with him. It helped him learn more about Joseph Smith. He said it "cleared some things up". We invited him to be baptized this coming Saturday and he said he'd pray about it. So we'll talk to him tonight and see what he says. He is ready. Please pray that his father (Kirk sr.) will have a soft heart and let Kirk get baptized.

I don't think I ever told you this but we are teaching Beetlejuice and his wife. Haha their names are Cory and Cassi. Cory is Beetlejuice at Universal Studies. They are SO cool. We love them. Cory has a strong faith in Christ and loves the Book of Mormon. He's been reading it. He also has some Word of Wisdom issues that he is trying to overcome. And Cassi is a wicken. We are trying to help her gain a testimony of Christ. We love them though. I want to come back after the mission and chill with them hahaha. But please pray for them. They came to Zumba last week too. It was a blast.

What else...I don't know. Every week I feel like I don't know what to tell you both haha. I always just have so much on my mind it's tough. So I'm sorry if my emails are lame. But it sounds like you both are doing great. Stay pharreshh! Love you!


Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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