Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hey family!

This week went by too fast. I feel like there is never enough time to get the things done that we need to get done haha. Ah. We helped the Orta's with their sweet 16 party on Tuesday and Wednesday. We set up for it with them and it went well. They appreciated the help. (See photos!)

We went to the hospital a lot this week to visit Wanda. She's doing alright. She'll be out next week hopefully. Helen set her date for April 7th. So that will be wonderful. Thursday, Elder Bennett and I both left our area to go on exchanges with two different district leaders. We usually have 2 exchanges a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays. But we just did it in one day this week and left our area. I went to Hunter's Creek West. My olddd area. So fresh. We went to see Sebastian (my recent convert) and it was super good to see him. We also saw a cool family that I love a lot. The Orantes.

Other than that we're just trying to find more people to teach right now. Please pray for us to find the elect :). It would be much appreciated. We talk to way cool people every day but we want to find people who are ready to be baptized. Everything is going really well though. Especially since I won monopoly two times in a row this morning hahaha. It was great. We did zumba this morning again too. And it's a rainy day. The sun needs to come out. But that's it for nowwww! I LOVE YOU!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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