Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 28, 20011

Hey! ELDER MULLEN IS COMING BACK OUT! YES! I literally jumped when you said that and yelled haha. I'm so excited to see him. It would be so sick to serve with him.

So Elder Whitworth is leaving next week and I'll be staying. Unless President takes us both out. I don't think that will happen...but who knows. But yeah Elder Whity needs to be close to Orlando. This last week we went to the hospital in Orlando and he got his infusion. So that was great. Finally. All that stuff was so complicated. But he'll be going there every 4 weeks. Everything worked out. Yeahhhh. The Lord is blessing him.

We gave the car back to the Sisters last thursday so we weren't able to do much work through the weekend. We had the car for 3 straight weeks and the Sisters never complained. They are so Christ-like. Elder Whity and I ordered them flowers in this cool bright yellow smiley face vase and had it delivered to their apartment to thank them. Yeah...dubEE is still smooth even though he's been off the scene for a year. Kidding...hahaha.

So no one came to church...AGAIN! Man we're struggling with that. We didn't have one investigator come to church all of February. We're trying to help Vernita get more into it and become committed. We really just need to find the elect. Quickly too. Or they need to find us. Either way. But I want to baptize. And I know that's what I'm here to do. And I know that that's what the Lord expects me to do. So I'm trying haha. But at this point we're trying to help the members become more involved in missionary work by committing them to share the gospel with their friends/acquaintances and eventually have them over so we can teach non-members in their home. It's a long and slow process but it's moving. That's about it for now. Love you! Have a blessed week.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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