Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

Hola. So this week was another crazy/weird one haha. Let's start with Monday: It was zone p day. We all went out to Steak n Shake (so good). One of the sisters passed out while she was eating hahaha. It was unreal. I went to pay for my food and looked over and she was just laying on the floor, out like a light. The paramedics came and helped her and stuff. It was definitely an experience haha.

That same day was Elder Moore's birthday/Valentine's Day, so Gramps took us out to this restaurant on the Halifax River called Aunt Catfish's. It was SO good. Seafood.

Friday wasn't too good. We had an appointment with Mildred...and we had to drop her. We retaught her the Restoration using visuals so she could comprehend it more. Then after we asked about her baptism and she said she still hadn't decided (even though a month ago she committed to it). We read from 2 Nephi 14 and explained how there are only 2 churches: the church of the Lamb of God and the church of the devil. We told her that if she didn't get baptized into the church by someone who holds the authority of Christ she would NOT receive the fullness of joy that the Father has. She said she knows the church is true, Joseph Smith is a prophet, the Book of Mormon is true, etc. So we explained how by having that knowledge and not acting on it she is basically condemning herself. She just wouldn't accept to be baptized. She wants to get baptized in the ocean and all this other stuff. We told her that we can only present it to her and it's up to her to accept it or not. We had to tell her that we wouldn't be coming by anymore and if she ever wanted to get baptized to call us. I cried. I had so many mixed emotions. I was feeling like I did all I could but at the same time wondering if I had. We had prayed and fasted for her so much and she just still wasn't accepting it. It was also our last investigator so my heart just dropped to the pit of my stomach. We worked with her for 5 months and became close with her. When the Spirit told us to drop her I got so sad because she KNOWS it's true and just won't do it. This is eternal life. I'm no one to judge her, only God can do that.  It was just a biggg bummer. I was so sad about her. I'm trying to have the faith that she will one day accept it.

Saturday was good though. Earlier in the week, we had tracted into a former investigator named Vernita. We taught her on Saturday and set a date with her for March 19th. That was a spiritual war. She doesn't want to become a member of a church because she knows that it means she is obligated to do things and people would be bugging her about it. We resolved all her concerns and the Spirit won the battle for us :) haha.

Saturday night we had a church tour with the Kinney family and watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. It was great and they committed to come to church the next day. Sunday rolled one at church. Again. 3 weeks in a row! Ugh haha. This week though! This week...yep. Expecting people to come to church and then having them not come is the most depressing thing on the mission I think haha. Because you're SO excited to have them there and thennnnnn..............nothing. Hahaha.

So that was my week. Another interesting one. Much love from Florida!


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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