Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 8, 2011

Hello my beloved family :) I loved those pictures you sent me in the email. I miss you all so much. And I love you all more than I can express in writing. I am so excited to give all of you giganticoramously HUGE hugs in a year. Absence makes the heart grow a whole lot fonder. I'm a living testimony of that haha.

Anyway...this week was a pretty weird one. A lot of ups and downs. We started out the week great. We set a date with this elect lady named Dashondra for March 5th. Working hard and enjoying it. Before I say anything else let me just tell you that my companion has MS. Before the mission he got an infusion of medicine every month and it was doing wonders for him. It's a miracle that he's on the mission. He came out fully active. To make a very long story short, he has had some complications with the doctors here so he hasn't been able to get an infusion since he's been out. So on Friday we were biking and I noticed he was dragging a bit. He just didn't seem like he was doing good. So we decided to go back to the apartment. Some of his symptoms are coming back and he's pretty worried about it. PLEASE KEEP HIM IN YOUR PRAYERS. He needs it. So since Friday we just stayed in the apartment because we couldn't bike. I have learned SO much from him. He sacrificed so much to be here. He's an inspiration to me. I love the kid. We have an appointment on Wednesday morning down in Orlando to consult with one of the doctors. But it's not to get the infusion. Things are just crazy for him right now. Please please please throw up some mighty prayers for him.

Then at church on Sunday none of our investigators came to church. And Dashondra basically dropped us because she said it is causing problems with her atheist husband. Church was just a big bummer. But we're keeping our heads up and looking forward. This week will be good because we'll have the car.

But heyyyy thanks for the Hump Day package! I loved the shirt and the camel haha. I'll probably send you my memory card soon so you can see all the pictures I've taken recently. I can't believe I've passed my year mark. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone pharrell. Fastest year, hands down. It feels like last week that I was saying bye to you at the MTC hahaha. So weird.

I'm so sorry to hear about Brother Hill. That's no good. Let the family know that I love them. But I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to use the word "die" anymore. Because people don't really "die". They just "change". Brother Hill just put his body down for a little bit. He'll get it back. And it will be "Brother Hill millenium status". Looking fresh in his brand new perfect form. Spirit is eternal. He's still chillin' right here on the earth. And he'll be watching over his family. Just in another state of being. I love the knowledge that comes from the Gospel. I love you! Talk to you next week :)

Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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