Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 3, 2010 Austin's FIRST letter from the MTC!!!!

Momma and Poppa,

First of all . . . I love you! The MTC is great! I'm seriously loving it already. You just feel the spirit all the time. Today seemed pretty long but not too bad. I got here and it was just really fast getting all my stuff and taking bags to my room. Then I met with everyone in my classroom for a while and met one of my teachers and my district. My friend from TimpView, Elder Mike Mullen is my companion so that is awesome. I'm really happy about that. Then the other two Elders in my room are Elder Squires and Elder Gariths. They are cool guys too. I like my whole district so that is good. Then after that class meeting, we went to an orientation, then lunch. The food was pretty good. Then we did a mock investigator thing with a bunch of new missionaries and there were three different people in separate rooms and we all asked them questions and each had a different situation. But anyway, I just want you to know that I'm doing good and I'm loving it! Not sad . . . just excited for what these next two years are going to hold! I miss you both and love you so much !

Elder Austin Gable Engemann (I haven't gotten used to that yet!!)

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