Monday, October 25, 2010

October 18, 2010

Hey Family. It’s me, Elder E.

Dad, I’m glad you talked to Therma ha-ha. She’s cool. I love her family. And yeah I met the Hamilton’s at church on Sunday. They have a son that graduated from Timpview with me. He’s serving his mission in Tennessee right now. They said someone that met their son sent them a picture of him. So they did the same for you ha-ha. It was cool. And Brother Hamilton knows mike Mullen (my MTC companion) because he serves in a church calling with his dad. So I talked to him about Mike and it was cool. He should be coming out soon! So stoked.

The weather is getting so nice! This is why people live in Florida. Winter time. Not summer. Summer = not fun. Maybe when I’m old and rich I can become a snowbird like all the other people that come here in the winter ha-ha. But this last week was an interesting one. We’ve been meeting with José a lot and he just has a straight up hard life. We went over to teach him the gospel of Jesus Christ and it turned into a huge tangent (like always ha-ha) and he was just telling us all this stuff about his life and it made us really sad. When we left we just wanted to start crying ha-ha. But it honestly made me SO thankful for the life that you both have provided me with. My life has been easy. I am so grateful for you both! I love you guys so much!!! We’ve also been teaching Doreen and it's a struggle. We’re trying to help her increase her faith and recognize the Holy Ghost. It’s really hard. She awesome and wants to do what's right but it's hard to find ways to help her. Keep her and José in your prayers please. We’re going to put them both on the prayer list at the temple. Speaking of the often are you both going? You should go a lot! The temple is the best! It blesses us with our Heavenly Father's love and power, while at the same time blesses those spirits waiting for their work to be done. I wish we could go more but I guess that's not what my calling is right now. Once a quarter will suffice :)

Mom, here are the answers to your questions:

1. I went to two different orthodontists. The first said that he didn't do retainers for people that he didn't put braces on. So he referred me to another one and they said I could either get braces on my front few teeth on top or get the gaps filled in with fake stuff. No thanks. I’d rather just wait and take my chances on you randomly finding my retainer ha-ha. That would be the best situation.

2. I’m sleeping great now. I stopped taking that medicine a long time ago because I didn't like it. But I’m sleeping really well. It’s a blessing for sure.

3. I don't think I need anything but thank you for asking! I’ll probably be sending a package home soon with things that I don't want with me like some books and other things. I don't know when I’ll get around to it but sometime soon hopefully.

Well...I love you both so much and hope you have an amazazing week! Be blessed family.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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