Monday, November 14, 2011

Big News, November 14, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad! Crazyyy news.

When we met with President on Saturday after I emailed you, he said he knew exactly what needed to happen with transfers. There were some pieces missing and he received some revelation at the mission president's seminar he had been attending. They were talking about Assistants and they said that the best thing to do for an Assistant is to send them back out into the field to train their last 2 transfers. So he told me I'm going to whitewash an area

(clarification: That means that ALL the missionaries from that area will be transfrered out and the area will be "reset" starting from scratch)

and train a new missionary haha! I'm stokeddd. Back on the grind. Biking and sweating and all that :) I'll be in the Winter Garden ward and my preparation days will go back to Mondays now. Crazayyy change. I feel like you told me a long time ago that one of your friends or associates or something was in the Winter Garden ward. Or maybe it was the Winter Park ward. I don't remember. Anyway...we're going to pick up the missionaries at the airport in a few hours and then tomorrow I will find out who my companion will be. I'm going to miss the Buena Vista ward a lot but I know that the Lord has a purpose for this change. I know that this is how I need to finish my mission. There are things I need to do in Winter Garden.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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