Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

Hello my beloved mother and father.

Thank you so much for the package!!! I splurged a little and ate quite a bit of the Easter candy haha. And it is good to have a backpack now. Thank you.

This week was goooooooood. Although we didn't have anyone at church, we set a new date with Xavier and taught a ton of lessons. This was our first Sunday in the Kissimmee ward and there are a ton of new faces and a few familiar ones. The Bishop seems pretty cool too. It was good to see everyone I knew from Hunter's Creek too. We went and ate with Therma and family after church too.

We had a cool experience with asking for referrals. We went to this area to contact people and right when we got there we saw a 15 year old kid walking on the other side of the street, going home. We walked over and talked to him. He said his family might be interested and we got his information. So we said bye and were just starting to walk away when Elder Bennett stopped and asked him if he knew anyone that would benefit from a message about Jesus Christ. He stood there for a second thinking, and then said something like "Yeah, the house with the white car right there. My friend lives there." So we went over there right then and knocked on the door. This lady answered the door and could only understand a few things we were saying because she spoke Spanish. So she called over her daughter and she was able to translate for us. They were nice. While we were talking the husband came to the door and looked happy to see us. We told them we had a DVD that talks about how our families can be together after this life and asked if we could come in and watch it with them. The wife was nicely trying to say no but the husband was stoked about it and told us to come in. So we talked a little first and then watched "Together Forever" in Spanish. They learned a ton and after were pretty interested in learning more. We were able to teach them some things through the daughter's translating skills. We got their information and left. I walked out thinking "I guess the thing about asking referrals from everyone is there for a reason..." haha. It was a pretty cool experience. We passed them off to the Spanish Elders and are waiting to hear what has happened with them.

Anyway, on Wednesday we took Bob to a Temple Tour and he loved it. He said right when we entered the gate he felt something very different. And he noticed that the Temple was IN the world but not OF the world. He is such a humble guy. It's very refreshing to teach people who are lowly in heart. They are definitely a treasure. Lately, when we have to pass off our investigators to other missionaries (because of them moving or our area changes) the Lord gives us someone else cool to teach. Example: This was Bob's first week at church as the Sisters' investigator instead of ours. And some other random guy came to Sacrament meeting and said he is looking for a church. We lose one...and then the Lord gives us one. So awesome. Speaking of Bob, we called him last night to see how he was doing and let him know we wanted to take him out to lunch on Tuesday and he answered the phone by saying "My brothas from another motha!" It was so funny! I love him haha you need to meet him. Those are the cool things that happened this week. LOVE YOU!


Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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