Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10,2011

Mom! Dad! What's up!

I'm glad that the big meeting in Phoenix went so well. You both did a lot of driving it sounds like. I'm glad you got home safely. It's weird that you're both going to be in Florida this weekend haha. So close but so far away. No sneaking up to Daytona hahaha. Sorry Dad.

Tell Kathryn and Matt I say congratulations on their new baby! That's great. They're going to be busy with those little ones haha.

So things here are going great. A lot of things have been starting up lately with new investigators and whatnot. The Lord is definitely runnin' his bizzz up in hurr. We are doing all we can to get these people baptized so the rest is up to Him. Pam will have to wait at least another week to get her cast off. We gave her a blessing of healing so please keep her in your prayers. The Lord works miracles according to our faith so we're throwing up some mighty prayers so she can get baptized and confirmed this month. We taught Nay the Plan of Salvation this week. He loved it! When we talked about the spirit world and the kingdoms of glory he would stop us for a minute and just sit and ponder. Then he would say "Ooooh eeeee! I just learned something!" And he just kept saying "Ooooh eeeee!" Haha he's so funny. He even talked about "becoming a Mormon". He's so solid. Oh and remember Tonya? The lady that we gave a blessing to in the hospital. We taught her this week and it went really well. We went with a member, Brother Button, and had planned to teach the Restoration but when we got there the Spirit told us to teach the Plan of Salvation. We started talking to her about how she is mourning over the loss of her baby and the Plan of Salvation really focuses on the Atonement of Christ so we thought that would be a better thing to talk to her about. And it was. It went great. She'll probably come to church this Sunday. We also taught this other family of 5 (all over baptism age...sweet) and they were supposed to come to church but didn't. Too bad. But we will meet with them again this week. They're really cool too. Today at 4 we're watching Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with Mildred. I'm pretty sure I've told you all about her so I won't explain again. We taught her this week and talked about the sealing power that was promised to Peter in Matthew 16, how it was lost after the death of the apostles, and how it was restored to the earth, and how we use that power in the Temple. She finally said she's starting to get it. So today will be good cause she'll understand more about the history of the church. Then we're going to the Temple Friday morning with Gramps cause he's working there that day. We'll probably do a couple sessions and then weekly plan. Friday is our weekly planning day so I don't think there would be a better place to receive revelation for our investigators than at the Temple! It'll be awesome.

So I'm going to invite you to do something:

I'm studying the Doctrine and Covenants right now and this morning I was reading in Section 15 where the Lord is telling John Whitmer what his duty is concerning the work. John Whitmer was just a normal man living a normal life. What the Prophet Joseph Smith was doing was just introduced to him. He felt that it was important so he wanted to know the Lord's will about what he should do. The Lord revealed Section 15 through Joseph Smith and verse 6 reads "And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father. Amen." Out of ALL the things that John Whitmer could have been told, Christ told him that declaring repentance and bringing souls unto Him would be of most importance. As I pondered this I was thinking of the duty that it is for EVERY member of Christ's church to help bring souls back to the kingdom of the Father. I want to invite you to take two copies of the Book of Mormon on your trip to Florida and the Caribbean to give to two separate individuals or families. You asked me to pray for you to find some people to help recruit into the business. I definitely will. I'll aslo pray that as you take on this venture to share the Book of Mormon with some of God's children you will be blessed with the opportunity to find people to recruit into the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. As an ordained minister of this Gospel and as a representative of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I promise that if you exercise your faith and pray for an opportunity to give these books away, you will be blessed with such a privilege. You may feel like you’re going into a dark room with little or no sight. But if you muster up some courage and take a step of faith into that room, God will turn the light on.

I love you!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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