Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

Heyyyyy Momma and Poppa.

First of all Dad, I’m going to give you an early "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY'! Thanks for being such a good one. It’s probably hard and stressful to try to raise a child into someone you want to be successful and happy. So thanks for trying so hard! I appreciate it :) ha-ha. Love you Dad!

So it sounds like you both are staying busy back home working hard. Glad to hear. I hope that the convention goes well Dad, as well as the design work Mom.

Things here have been good. This last week went by very fast. Friday we met with Alex and her two brothers. I don't remember if I told you about them already but they are from St Croix in the Virgin Islands and they are a really cool family. We watched the movie "The Testaments" with them and it was the first time I had seen it. I don't know if you've seen it but it's a story of what it might have been like during the Savior's ministry from the American side of the world as well as His visit to the American continent. I enjoyed it. A little corny at times, ha-ha, but good. And the Spirit was wayyy strong near the end of the movie and also after. I was feeling it so strongly that it was hard for me to talk after. But I had to man up and say something, hahaha. So I did. and when I did I started to bear testimony of Jesus Christ and how He lives and wants us all to just follow Him because it's what will make us happy and a bunch of other things I was just crying, ha-ha. And the reason for that (I realized) is because in times like that I recognize how much God has been a part of MY life and how much I’ve been blessed and it's just something I want for EVERYONE!  So I just let loose and let the tears flow like Niagara Falls, hahaha. No, it wasn't that bad but the Spirit was just very present.

On Saturday Karolyn and Jonathan took Elder Miller and me to The Golden Corral. That’s all I’ve been hearing about since I arrived in Florida from members. "Have you been to The Golden Corral!? You haven't?! Ahh, you HAVE to go!!!" It's actually pretty weird how much everyone has been telling me about it, ha-ha! But it was pretty good, "all you can eat" . . . so that was cool. Karolyn treats us so well! I love her and want you guys to meet her family. Maybe someday.

Church was good too yesterday. Alex came to church and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it. We’re going to play tennis and some ball with her and her brothers a little later today. Oh yeah and by the way Steward dropped us. Lame. And the story behind that is that last Sunday, in priesthood meeting, we had a lesson on "hurricane preparation" so it wasn't very spiritual. He called us and said that he felt like it was more of a business than a religion, ha-ha. But we went by and gave his wife a copy of the Book of Mormon in Thai so she can read it. They are still very nice to us and say we can come over whenever but hopefully we can get him to come to church on a more normal Sunday.

But anyway that's about it for now. Tell Jake I say hi and to not mess up my room. Ha-ha kidding but tell him I love him and hope he is enjoying our home :). Love you guys! Have a blessful week (this crazy guy that we tracted wants us to not say "good' anymore. He only wants us to say 'blessful' (hahahaha) week!
Talk to you next week!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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