Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010 Austin's First Letter From The Field!

My first weeeeek.

I love my mission. So much. Everything is just going great. Oh, by the way, my church building is in Palm City.

I love my companion. His name is Elder Summers and he is from a tiny town in Arizona. He’s been out for 7 months. I live with two other elders named Barnes and Bennett. They are cool too. Tracting is fun. I love meeting new people and trying to teach them about the gospel. It’s amazing to see how the Spirit directs our conversations at each door. Generally, everyone is nice. Some aren't ha-ha. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are our competition out here, ha-ha. But I still love them. We have gone pretty deep in some of our conversations with them. They are always nice though (except one).

We get the car every other day. Yesterday was the first time I rode my bike because for this first week we were in a threesome because we were waiting for Elder Barnes' companion to get here. It was a workout though ha-ha. I’m out of shape. We don't even live in our area so we had to travel about 6 miles (maybe?) to get to our area. I’m trying to work out in the mornings but it's hard when I’m so tired. I’ll keep trying.
Church was good yesterday. Our ward is nice and the people are great. But it's not that big of a ward. And it's like 30 minutes away from where we live. We have to get rides from members a lot because we only have a certain amount of car miles every month. There are so many different kinds of people here. A lot of people drink and smoke. That’s such a big tool that Satan uses against us. That will be really hard for some people to give up. It stinks. But we can do it!

Yesterday we tracted for about 6 hours and we met one guy who was really interested. And then 3 others who could turn into investigators. We’ll see what happens. The first door that I ever went to on Tuesday made me a little nervous. But then after that I was totally fine. I’ve really broken out of my shell already :) but I still have a LOT of work to do. I am still trying to adjust to the schedule. I’m tired a lot ha-ha. But I have faith that it will come. When I go to every door I just think to myself "with God, all things are possible" and it really helps me feel the spirit so that I can testify and challenge easier. Another good thing to do is to just have faith that the house I’m walking up to has someone inside it that is prepared to hear the gospel. It's really frustrating sometimes though because people just don't care at all or are so confused about what they believe that you can't get anywhere with them. It’s really depressing and sad to see how many people don't care. THIS IS THEIR SALVATION! Seriously though, it's super sad. But they'll have a chance to learn more in the spirit world. Oh well. But I already love the people here and everything and everyone.

Oh yeah, on...Thursday I think it started pouringgggg so hard and we just kept on truckin' and tracting. I was 100% soaked from head to toe ha-ha. It was an experience. And I’ve never seen so many trees in my life. Pine trees too which was weird for me. This should be called the "tree and rain state" not the sunshine state ha-ha. I am glad that I didn't get here in the summer. I need to work my way up to the hot and humid weather in the summer.

We had a baptism on Saturday! It was great. His name is Michael and he is 52 I think. He is really cool. My comp and his last comp were working with him for about 6 weeks and he got baptized. Awesome. And we are trying to work with his girlfriend too. This week we will be contacting her.
Anywayyyyyy...I love serving the Lord so much Mom and Dad! It’s the greatest thing ever. I’m still working on trying to not think about myself at all and developing Christ-like attributes. I miss you both so much! But am still so glad I’m here and know it's where I’m supposed to be! whooo! I LOVE YOU!

- Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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