Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012: Austin's FINAL email before returning home!


Thanks for your excited emails haha. I loved them! This week was soooo good! Monday night we went to the Wilson's house to have a FHE/scripture study with them and their niece Alex was there. She sat in with us and we ended up teaching her about the restoration of the gospel. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted a date for February 25th! She's really cool.

Tuesday we met with Sister Old and found out that she had smoked since Sunday. We had a really really Spirit-driven, long talk with her and she committed to stop for good. FOR GOOOOOD! All week we were praying day and night for her. Praying SO hard. And Saturday came along...and she got baptized!!! It was a miracle. It was the best baptism service of my entire mission. Short, straight to the point, and super spiritual. As we were in the font I was just burning inside. The best burning ever! I raised my arm to the square and said the prayer slowly. The Holy Ghost was right there with us. Very strong. I opened my eyes after saying "amen" and Sister Old had tears in her eyes. Then she went under and came back up a new person. All of her past mistakes...gone. It was the greatest way to spend my last Saturday in Florida.

Then Sunday was the best Sunday ever too! Sister Old got confirmed. I bore my testimony and was filled with the Spirit. And one of our investigators, Lene, who has been investigating the church for like 50 years got up and bore her testimony saying that she felt a strong peace that she had never felt before and that she knew the Book of Mormon was true! Coolest thing. Then I got to say by to everyone that I have grown to love in the Winter Garden ward.

It's so weird that I'm coming home in two days. I can't believe it. I am really excited to see you Mom and Dad. So stoked!!!!!! And all my other family and friends. It will be a sweet experience for me. So tomorrow I'll drive down to the mission home to be with President and Sister Hall, the Assistants, and all the departing missionaries. We will eat lunch, have a little "goodbye" meeting, go to the Temple to do a session, eat dinner, have a testimony meeting, then go to sleep. And then I'll see you the next day. Be prepared for a bear hug! I love you both so much. See you soon :)

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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