Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad!
Love you! You met Elder Hirschi's mom!? Haha that's awesome. I love him. We were in the same district when I was in Daytona. Thanks for the package! It was yummy. And the books will be cool. For Christmas I'll probably call around 11 am your time.
So this week was great! We set 4 new dates. One with our investigator Cristal. The other with a family of 5 (three baptism age). Our baptism with Ruby fell through last minute because she got in a fight with her mom and her mom said she couldn't get baptized. We are working on that. This weekend we should have a baptism though with a part-member 9 year old named AJ Baker. We have so many investigators right now. It is hard to keep track of them but the Spirit is doing His job while we aren't there. We had an amazinggg lesson with the Kvitkauskas family (4) on Saturday. We reviewed the Plan of Salvation briefly and then watched "Together Forever". The Spirit was so strong. They were crying, because their family is having some problems. But the mom is living the Word of Wisdon and they are working on fixing the family. They really appreciate what we have tried to do for them. They are a blessing to us. We love them. We were expecting 9-12 people on Sunday and almost EVERYTHING fell through the morning of. Brother Kvitkauskas was our one ray of hope. It was so good to see him walk into the Chapel; a big relief. Things are great though. So great. Love you! Have a great week!

A Short Testimony of the Atonement:

Words won't do justice to my testimony of the Savior. He is everything to me. In this world things are temporary, but because of Him, the important things can be eternal. He dealt with the worst so that we could all achieve the most. Throughout the mission, my testimony of the Atonement has grown mostly through seeing it work through other people. But at the same time, Jesus Christ has done so much for me while I've been here in Florida as well. I still have a long way to go, but as I've been here I have learned how to be a disciple of Christ. I know what it takes: you give Him your heart. If He has that, He can mold you and shape you into what He knows you need to be. I LOVE HIM. I know I understand very little of the Atonement, but of what I do understand...I know it's true! I am so humbled to be a missionary, serving the people that He suffered for in the Garden and on the Cross. And not only that, but the people that He lived EVERY day of His life perfectly for. I can't express enough of my devotion or love for Jesus Christ and what He went through for me. I don't know how he did it...but I know he did it! And I am grateful.

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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