Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

Hey! That Christmas present was the coolest thing ever! I was so happy and thankful when I opened that huge package ha-ha. I kept saying "hmm...I think my parents love me." Hahaha. So far I have that wood ornament from Jerusalem, the grow-your-own tree (which is fully grown), the scared of Santa book, the nativity tie, the cologne (smells so good), and the Elder dubee fresh ornament ha-ha. I love it all and am excited to open the rest. THANK YOU! I can't believe it's almost Christmas.
We had leadership training with President Hall all day Tuesday which was so good. He melted my face. I love President and Sister Hall. They are so cool and way spiritual. Everything President Hall says is killer. He truly is called of God. Then I went to the mission office and they had a wheel for me with a disk brake on it. Perfect. The Lord blessed me. So I don't need to worry about the bike anymore thankfully.
Saturday we had a movie night at the church that the four of us put together. We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. So awesome. The Spirit is so strong in it. We were hoping more non-members would come but all together it was a good turnout. I think it helped the members feel the Spirit and understand the importance of sharing the gospel. We had some refreshments after. It was a good night.
 We received a call this week from a guy who said he was less-active and he just got out of the military. His wife is a non-member and wants to get baptized. They recently found out that she is pregnant and they want to raise their family with the church. So we're teaching them, getting him active again, and her baptized. It was definitely a blessing. We have been praying for miracles and we're seeing the fruits of it. We set a date with her for the 19th but after church Sunday she decided to push it back a little. We still have to talk to her about it. They both felt the Spirit really strongly in testimony meeting though. They both shed some tears. I love the HOLY GHOST! Yes!
Ha-ha anyway...that's about it. This week was good. Life is good. God is good :) ha-ha I love you both so much. Can’t wait to talk to you on Christmas! Have a blessful week!
Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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