Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 13, 2010

Mannn I can't believe you are in Hawaii! That’s great. It sounds like you're already having a really good time. I’m glad. Dad careful on the road to Hana. Seriously...hahahahahaha! I didn't know that you were going with the Overtons. Wish them a merry Christmas for me.

So on Saturday we found out that Elder Packard is getting transferred to Longwood in Orlando. I’ll be staying here and I’m training again! I’m so stoked. And we're going to get him so good with “Grandpa” hahaha. I’m going to record it so eventually I’ll send it home somehow. Guess who came back! I forgot to tell you. I think. Elder Summers! It was a few weeks ago. But he's training this transfer too so I’ll see him down at the mission office tomorrow. So glad he's back.

So I’ll tell you about my week. It was such a good one. We taught the seminary class on Wednesday morning at 6 am. I give those kids huge props for waking up that early. They get up before we do to go to seminary. There was only 3 boys there though ha-ha. It was still good though. There are only about 8 that attend anyway. The teacher wanted us to talk about our conversions, decision to go on a mission, trials and sacrifices on the mission, and the blessings of it as well. It went well. Being a seminary teacher would be SO hard. Pharrell. So hard.

We set 5 more baptism dates this week. So we have 6 total. Jessica, Sheryl, Shae, Pam, Shante and Greg. Sheryl and Shae are two people that we tracted into recently. Met with them and set dates for January 1st. Shante finally came to church with her boyfriend Greg. They said they wanted to get married and then baptized. Perfectttt. So we set their dates for January 23rd. Shante was taking notes and stuff in the young single adult’s class. So sweet.

Alright now I’ll tell you about Pam. On Wednesday night we were at the church for a meeting (which no one showed up to ha-ha) and a man (Jeremy) and a woman (Pam) walk in and ask some of the youth leaders for the bishop. He was just right there so they went over and started talking to him and saying how they wanted to meet the missionaries too. So the bishop, we, and Jeremy and Pam all met in the bishop's office and talked for a while. They said that Jeremy had been less active for a while and really wanted to come back to church. And that Pam wasn't a member and wanted to get baptized. It was a MIRACLE! And they are SO cool. I love them. We’ve met with them a few times since Wednesday and they came to a priesthood fireside to learn about the organization of the priesthood (which was such a spiritual meeting. it was basically just a one on one with Pam, Jeremy, and the teacher cause no one else showed up ha-ha). We are helping Jeremy get ready to receive the priesthood as well so everything is so good with them. The Lord blessed us so much with them and he is blessing them as well. Pam is getting baptized on the 26th.

Then Tom and Jessica...sad stuff with them. Jessica had a miscarriage earlier this last week. And they were struggling with money and keeping their house. So things are going kinda crappy for them right now. Keep them in your prayers please. But on a good note: that money you gave me to bless someone's life this Christmas went to good use. ever since they told me they were about to lose their house I had been praying a lot to see if giving them the money was the proper way I should use that money. Then the answer finally came that I definitely should give it to them. While Elder Packard and I were over at their house with a member the Spirit told me "what is money?" and then I got to thinking "money is a worldly thing". So the Spirit taught me some cool stuff and told me to give them the money. I couldn't deny it. So I took all that money, the money that Grandma and Grandpa gave me, and some funds from my card, then Elder Packard helped too, and we were able to give them enough to finish off the rest of the rent that they owed. It felt so good. Giving is great! Man I’ve learned so much on the mission ha-ha.

Oh and a less active member that we have been trying to get to church forever came on Sunday! Which was sweet. We go to his house on Sunday mornings to wake him up to come because he works reallyyy late. Or early I guess ha-ha. But we went yesterday and his son answered and said he wasn't feeling well. So we were bummed but then he showed up! Awesome. It was an AMAZING Sabbath day. And G-pa made us some scrumptious French toast yesterday after church which was so yummy.

So that was my week. Everything here is great. I love you both! Enjoy Maui and don't get sunburned. It’s freezing here ha-ha. Weird.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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