Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010


What’s up!!! I’m going to answer all your questions first. Yes I have a picture of me wrestling an alligator. But I need to find another way to send them to you because the computers in the office at the complex are locked up. I’ll figure something out soon. Dad...don't get your underwear in a bundle :)

I’ll spend Thanksgiving at the church probably. They have a dinner thing every year I think. We’ll see. Yes you can send things directly to my apartment. I’m drinking the protein shake. It’s good. I have a blender. For Christmas I’d really appreciate if I could get some more socks because all of them have at least one hole in the toes. And some black pants (that fit well :) like straight leg and a little skinny (but not too skinny ha-ha) that I can throw in the washing machine. Maybe ones that fit like my dress slacks that I came out with but not slacks. Get it? Maybe? Oh well ha-ha. Yes you need to go to Sundance and explain that the pass is on hold or something. My teeth are the same.

My week was gooooooood. We set two baptism dates. One with this guy named Alvelo for Dec. 4 (but he didn't come to church so we have to move it back a week). And then one with this wayyyyy solid girl named Shante for Dec. 11. Trysta is still doing well. She couldn't make it to church though...too bad. So we have 3 dates. And then we had two different investigators come to church. Mildred and Alicia. Mildred is this older black lady that is such a sweet woman. And her friend Alicia is cool too. They stayed for all three hours and I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it. Our priesthood class got out late so they bounced before we were able to talk to them. Before I got here Elder Packard had been working with Mildred for a long time and she had never come to sacrament meeting because of her attachment to her other church. She said she knows that everything that we teach is true though: Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, the whole nine. But we just have to get her some friends at the Jesus' church so she can feel comfortable there! She came to General Conference. And she came Sunday. So that's twice. That means that if she'll accept a baptism date she can get baptized this month. It’s the miracle we've been praying for. Keep Mildred in your prayers to get baptized and confirmed this month please.

The rest of the week was pretty slow just because of a bunch of meetings and other things. But things are looking good. I feel like I’m forgetting to tell you something...hmmm...I don't remember. Sorry ha-ha. Maybe I’ll remember later. Oh heyyy could you get me a copy of the General Conference Ensign? I would love my own copy. Thanks :) That's all folks! Love you! Have a blessed week.


Elder Austin Gable Engemann aka dubEE fresh

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