Friday, September 30, 2011

September 24, 2011


What it is home skillets. This week has! The members are throwing down on their friends and roommates. We met 4 new referrals this week and they allllll accepted baptism dates for October in our first meeting haha. It has been such a blessing! There is Dave for the 15th, Steve for the 29th, and Bery and Charlie for the 22nd. They are all so great! So prepared and just the biggest blessing from Heavenly Father ever haha. Dave has been to church a previous time. He came with members that he met while helping them carry in their groceries. Then Steve has never been but he is coming to a baptism today at 3. And then Bery came to church last week with a member and said we could come teach her. Then when we came by she brought her friend Charlie. They are both from China. They are all very sincere and just amazing all together. They have all recognized the Spirit and want change in their lives. It's awesome.

We are still meeting with Arden. She made us pancakes yesterday morning and there were 3 members there. We invited her to be baptized. She said she wants to but she wants to make sure it's ok with her husband, who is in another state right now, and his family. Long story. But please just pray for her and that her husband and in-laws hearts can be softened. Thanks. Arden is awesome. Then we saw April again yesterday right after breakfast and there were 2 members there. Our members are just on fire right now haha. It's sweet. But April is doing good. She is very sincere.

Earlier in the week we went down to Stuart on exchanges and on the way we stopped to see Karolyn and Jonathan.  Karolyn has had some hard stuff that she has been through lately. She needs some love right now. It was SO good to see them but as I was talking to Karolyn I started to cry. I never thought that I could care about a person and desire their happiness so much. There is a very special bond between missionaries and the people that they help in the conversion process. It's pretty cool.  I asked her if she would call you both and she said she would. I did that because I got a prompting as we talked that there was something you could say that would help her. Mom, I think I gave her your phone number. But if she doesn't call before next Thursday or so, will you call her? Will you also please pray before she calls or before you call and ask the Lord to help you know what to say? This means a lot to me so I would really appreciate it :) Anywayyyy...things are great! I'm so stoked for conference!!! Love you!

Elder Austin Gable Engemann

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